Tricks or Treats!

Which would you choose? Funny, kids that came to our house chose treats over tricks, which is why we now have any empty bowl where the candy once was. We must had over 40 kids come to our house dressed as miscellaneous bumble bees, statue of liberty or actual teenagers. It was fun! Sweet husband had the front area decorated with spider webs and spiders….I’m pretty suret they weren’t real. The black light made the skeleton on the front door glow with ghoulish glee and the luminaria of jack-o-lanterns paved the way to the front door for the candy scavengers. One of my co-workers had given me a couple boxes of snack size paks of pistachios a week or so ago, and we had to resort to those as the candy inventory was shrinking. As the pistachios were depleting I told Sweet husband that the only thing that we had left in individual wraps were tampons and I was fairly certain the kids wouldn’t go for them. I guess that would have been the trick, eh?!

6 thoughts on “Tricks or Treats!

  1. The mental image of handing out tampons totally cracked me up. Imagine a little kid pulling it out of his plastic pumpkin and asking his Mom how you eat it. Heh, heh.

    Nice yard decor!

  2. Ohhhh! Your house would definitely have been TP’d and decorated with feminine care products if you would have handed out tampons!

    We usually have around 100 little treaters, but this year only about 40 or 50, so our candy bowl is most definitely not empty. And oh how I wish it were, because I have eaten my weight in 3 Musketeers and Butterfingers!!!!! 🙂

  3. Sure, kids would reject plain old tampons. But dip them in sugar, and everyone would jump for joy to get one. Think, woman, THINK!

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