Just another day at the office

You won’t very often see me posting specific things about my job, but I have to tell you about yesterday and last night. As a food broker I sell products to distributors who then sell to grocery stores. I have some wonderful lines (interpret as substantial weight gain)and have had some pretty good successful sales. One of the group of stores I work with always have a holiday event where the vendors (me and a gaggle of others)attend and set up table with samples for the grocers invited customers. I have done this several years now and last night was HUGE! What I sampled last night had ZERO prep time, therefore I had minimal set up time and since all my samples were GONE at the end of the night, minimal tear down time.

Let’s back up a few hours…ok about 24. When I went to bed on Wednesday night, around 9ish, I never imagined that I would awake at 1:39am and get up and work for a couple hours. In my lifetime I have never done that…don’t quite know what possessed me to do so this time. After completing a few emails and a spreadsheet or two, I went back to bed, got up around 5am, prepared myself for the day, loaded the car and headed out to do a couple of resets at stores before the soiree that night. Resets, you say, what the heck is a reset. Glad you asked, you know when you go in to a grocery store and when you go to aisle 7 to find the mayonnaise and it has since been moved to hardware, that’s called a reset. They are lengthy and generally involve physical labor, with alot of lifting and moving of “products”.
I made a couple of stops on the way to the first assigned destination for the reset but found myself a few minutes early. When the designated time came and went I spoke to the department manager who assured me that her reset was on Monday, my paper said Thursday. There had been a change to the schedule, one that was not communicated to me, so I chatted up my product line and left….finding myself with a few extra hours and no impending resets. It was a nice thing to have extra time, although I couldn’t check into my hotel and take a nap, it was way to early. So what did I do? I visited grocery stores. Gee, how novel. I have been known to check out grocery stores where ever I travel, even whilst on vacation. I think it is a sickness, I need professional help that only by accumulating vast amounts of found money would help. I say this because then I would never have a reason to go to a grocery store, my hand maiden would do that for me. Delusional? I think not.
So let’s fast forward to the “event” where I am already tired from early morning working and know there are about 5 hours to go. The tables are beautifully set, the wine is chilling and when the doors open at 6pm this wall of people holding wine glasses and acrylic plates rush the room. From this point on the heat intenses, fine foods are flying, the din of voices rise and I now have to shout to make myself heard, each and every time someone wants to know the flavor of my desserts. There were about 700 people at this event and I have now shouted at all of them. Have I ever mentioned that the sound of my voice doesn’t travel past the end of my arm? I know this for a fact, it is tested on a daily basis. You’d think I would learn to raise my voice instead of having to repeat myself because the recepient of what I said can’t hear me. On the other hand, I have been shooshed in movie theaters from laughing too loud. That only made me mad, don’t shoosh me when I’m having fun.
At several times in the evening our areas was so thick with people I couldn’t see the adjacent walls or the doors. This is not the event if you don’t like crowds. We could have been putting out trays of mud with whip cream on top and it would have been gobbled up, don’t put your hands near their mouths!!!

So the night is winding down and some of my friends and fellow vendors want to top the night off with a cool toddy in the bar. Ok, I’m game for about 10 minutes. My idea of winding down did not involve the heart rumbling bass beat of “thumper music” blaring three feet from my head. Nor did it involve having to shout conversation across the table to seven other individuals only to repeat what I had just shouted. The saving grace was that in the state of Washington, there is no smoking in bars, does that make me want to stay longer. Nope, I sipped my cool one, and then bolted for the door at 11pm and was in my room turning off the light at 11:06. It was a fast break down for me as well.
So since I had a good nights sleep I get to get in the car and drive 2 hours hours home. heavy sigh! sure glad it’s Friday!!!

4 thoughts on “Just another day at the office

  1. I don’t like trying to relax in a loud and crazy place either. We have a couple of wonderful places in our town to chill out at. One is a wine bar and the other is a martini bar.

    I agree – Yay for Friday from me too!

  2. Sound like a nightmare blind date kind of evening…I was meant to work in a small room full of paper and maybe a computer or telephone, definitely NO public contact.

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