Actual real conversation

Blogger Wife: “Do you think that the bumper sticker on a car represents the personality of the owner of the car?”

Sweet Husband: “I’m not sure, why do you ask?”

Blogger Wife: “Well, today I saw this bumper sticker on a car that read
“I love big fake tits”.

Sweet Husband: “Maybe he was a plastic surgeon”.

Blogger Wife: “Or she was a breast cancer survivor? I didn’t see the driver, I just assumed it was a man.”

Sweet husband: “Or maybe he was a bra salesman”.

Blogger wife: ” Or an implant manufacturer rep”

Sweet husband: ” Or maybe he just loves big fake tits”

Blogger wife: “Maybe it was a…”

Interrupting sweet husband” “or maybe he just loves big fake tits”.

5 thoughts on “Actual real conversation

  1. That’s actually a very interesting question. A friend was on jury duty and the defense attorney was defending this guy who had a major prior record and was probably guilty. During a recess, she went to grab some lunch and saw the defense attorney getting into his shiny new Porshe. On the back was a bumper sticker that read, “My Other Toy is Tits.” She said she had NO problem deciding GUILTY for his client. I think her rationale was “birds of a feather flock together.”

  2. I once saw a bumper sticker on the back of a Volkswagon Van. It described my first and second marriages quite perfectly:
    “I start out slow and gradually,
    little by little, I die out


  3. I remember that game. That’s the one where the person who says the same thing twice wins. Right?

    Seriously, I think sweet hubby was just playing the percentages.

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