No, stank you!

My sweet husband and I have been using a maple dinette set that I had many long years prior to our marriage. I actually won the dinette set along with four chairs and a wine rack from a contest when I was a buyer for a grocery chain. The set was still in OK shape but we decided that we wanted to be grown ups and buy something that was more aligned with our tastes. So the hunting commenced. We narrowed our choices and came up with a round solid table, no leaves and faux leather chairs. Of course in all good situations we want it free and yesterday, but in this particular case, that isn’t how it happened.
We have a few favorite locally owned furniture stores that we like to frequent so off we went a couple of weeks ago to visit to see what we could find. The first store we went to imports many way cool items from Thailand, the far east and Mexico. A few years ago this is where we purchased a TV cabinet. This particular cabinet is rustic and charming and has that all important feature, doors. Yup, we like to hide our TV. We are probably the last hold outs for a TV in our bedroom too. I don’t see that changing in the near future.
At this store we found both a table and chairs. We were drawn to this very solid rosewood round table. Around this table were some gorgeous red leather chairs, and it was quite fetching. We had our budget in mind and the table fit the bill, but the chairs did not. BUT, they did have some other faux leather chairs that were about half the price and just as nice. We have a lot of red tones in our dining and living room so we decided we’d rather go with brown, once we had a table picked out. The table was gorgeous, but not very well made. The price was excellent, but why buy crap that’s going to fall apart much sooner than we’d like. The sales person also said there was a sale starting the following Saturday, so this made us pause and ponder the reduction in price of the chairs. One week later we went to the store closer to our house only to find out the chairs were not in stock, but Rudy, the top notch sales person would call us once they were in. cool!
We head off to another part of town where we had stopped once previously. This is where we found the delightful table in the above photo. Excellent price, oh wait, did I say excellent! yes, excellent!!! We saw it one week, came back a week later and it was an additional 15% off. So of course we had our truck this time and it wasn’t raining as it has been the past 40 days and 40 nights, so we could haul. Sweet husbands mother has since decided that she could take our old dinette set off our hands and because she was close to where we were going to get our table, we dropped off the old one prior to the new one.
New one in truck, paid for, sale price, let’s drop this one off at home and go get us some chairs. Rudy, the top notch sales person had called and left a message on 11/16 at 12:21pm that there were 21 brown chairs in stock and that we could come get them. cool!
Table is now home. Off we go to get chairs, wait, I’m going to call to make sure that we don’t have to go downtown, which is where the warehouse is. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi Rudy, this is Mrs Ecland and I’m calling to find out if the chairs you called us about are in your store or at the downtown store.

Rudy: Oh….(pause)um, which chairs were these again?

Me: 4077 in brown.

Rudy: I’ll have to check. Have you already purchased these chairs?

Me: No you said you would call when they came in, and you did that on Thursday.

I look at Sweet husband who has had pulled over by now and decided to make a pit stop at the liquor store to get provisions. I tell him what Rudy, the top notch sales person said, Sweet husband rolls his eyes. We pick out gin.

Rudy: Mrs. Ecland, those chairs won’t be in until 12/31.

Me: Excuse me? You called us on Thursday, you left a message to say that the chairs had just come in.

Rudy: I called you? I don’t remember that. We’ll those chairs won’t be in until 12/31.

Me: (in a very measured tone) You mean to tell me you don’t remember calling us, which you did, and the chairs that you said are in, aren’t? I just took my dinette set and gave it away. Now I don’t have any f@!%$ chairs.

Rudy: oh I’m really sorry, let me check again and I will call you. Where can I reach you.

Me: Here’s my cell phone number.

We finish our purchase and at the time I think that one little teensy bottle of gin is not going to be enough to deal with Rudy the top notch sales person.

We are in the truck heading for home and the cell phone rings, hey! Rudy, my man!

Rudy: Uh, I’m sorry Ms Ecland, we do have 21 of the brown chairs at the warehouse downtown after all, I’ve been looking at the black.

Me: Ok, thanks. We’ll head downtown to get them. (My ability to initiate sarcasm permeates the conversation.)

So the short story now…we go downtown, pick up the chairs, come home and Sweet husband attaches all the legs and seats and VIOLA, it’s gorgeous. Don’t you think! Scroll back up, that is a stunning stunning dining room table and chairs. I’ve even ordered a new Oriental rug for the dining room, which will be here any day..see pic.

So now we come to the happy ending…except for one thing. Those hard earned, cellular phone minute wasting chairs stink so bad of petroleum that we are returning them tomorrow. I’ve ordered 4 leather chairs from and they will be here by the weekend. After 3 days in our house I have a headache so bad I’m feeling nauseous from the smell. We have wiped the chairs down and been best friends with Fabreze. Today was not raining so the offending chairs took a time out outside on the patio for most of the day. With our hopes high, the chairs came back into the house, only to have their stench permeate out house again a short time later. Sweet husband has this basic concept about chairs. Chairs need to be in the house, around the table, ready to hold his sweet bottom, and MOST of all, they should NOT stink. After all the hoops we jumped through to get these chairs, we find it ludicrous that we now have to send them packing. But back they will go and not soon enough.

And as I’m writing this, the phone rings and it’s Rudy that top notch sales person. He’s calling to say that he only had our first names and not our last, so that’s why he was confused and couldn’t remember calling us. After Sweet husband hung up, he said that Rudy called to solve his problem, not ours. He didn’t even ask if we got the chairs we wanted. What a fiasco, no we really didn’t get the chairs we want. We want chairs we can actually sit on without having to wear gas masks. I’m gonna go have a gin something-er-ruther now.

3 thoughts on “No, stank you!

  1. You always have so much fun. Love the new stuff, its always fun to see what someone else chooses for their home. I like the counter high look myself. Perhaps I am compensating for my shortness.

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