Pre-White Christmas

Well this is fun! You in the Great Plains, quit laughing. We don’t get a lot of extreme cold and snow in Seattle. And you, in the far south, quit laughing, I can’t imagine a Christmas where clothing consists of a selection of pool wear. What I do love is staying home to work and seeing the beauty of a snow covered terrain, right outside my warm cozy home. We are in a frigid state right now and it’s supposed to last a few days. I LOVE it! Sure, the roads are littered with abandoned cars, but what do you expect when we are a people mostly made up of transplants from tropical areas.

The outdoor BBQ was postponed until June, but this next photo is what our yard usually looks like, at least in the spring and summer.

4 thoughts on “Pre-White Christmas

  1. Wow! We got a little sleet on the windshields here in Coquille but nothing like at your house. We are only at 87 feet above sea level at the house so the last time it showed was 1998.

  2. It was pretty mild here in Houston today. I actually planted some pansies and violas.

    Postponing that BBQ sounds like a good decision. I would love weather like you are having, but not if it happened too often.

    You have a lovely yard.

  3. That’s pretty good. You have us beat here in MN for the first significant snowfall of the year! I hear there’s some nasty weather coming our way right now though – and I’m not ready!!!

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