Come Saturday Morning!

My, what an odd week this has been. I hit the ground running as far as work is concerned, having had the last week off. A conference call, store checks and then off to the office for a short visit and then back on the road. I had heard the ‘storm was a comin’ so I hightailed it home, just in time to watch it start to snow. Now of course the Seahawks were on Monday night football so that took priority, until it started to snow and the first interception was thrown. So like good Seahawks fans of pre SuperBowl era, we went for a walk in the snow. It was delightful, and yes I might go on about the snow for a while. Snow to me is magical, it deadens the sound we hear all the time, like automobiles,and I love quiet. Yet snow allows the sound of voices to carry quite far, and I love to hear the laughter and shouts of kids playing. Did I mention that sweet husband and I are kids? In our 40’s? I love the frosting effect snow has on the trees and ground and it makes even the skankiest house in the neighborhood look marginally good. Except for the house I can see out the kitchen window, they still need to paint real bad. Even if the painted badly it would look better, maybe. So I say bring on the snow, I personally can deal with it, but I wonder how I would feel if I were subject to snow through out the winter. I’m willing to give that a chance too, at some point, somewhere when we have our B&B. But I’m afraid that the novelty will wear off. It’s just like being a food broker, I get so tired of food, yet I continue to eat. So with all of that said,today is forecast to be sunny and mid 40’s, and I guess I’ll take that too. After all weather is just a big gamble.

One thought on “Come Saturday Morning!

  1. I have never heard of snow being a sound insulater, but it makes perfect sense. Living here in Houston, I know almost nothing about snow. Except that if we get even a timy bit, all the schools will close. 🙂

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