You’re all invited!

My sweet husband and I have talked often about the type of parties we would like to host. One that comes to mind is an ugly lamp party. I know you’ve all seen them, those garish beacons of light that are manipulated out of old bowling balls. This is how it would work. Everyone would bring an ugly table lamp, we would all vote on the ugliest and then they would be donated to the nearest second hand store. Minutes of fun, eh?
Another party would be a bad song party. Bring the worst song you’ve ever heard, play it for the crowd and when we’ve all taken the sharp object out of our ears that we had placed there in repsponse to the offending musical treat, vote on the best/worst and give a prize. I am stuck on one detail, how to get rid of these musical masterpieces.
But the type of party we really like to host is the kind that we had Saturday night. We hosted a Holiday Open House, where they were GREAT friends, GREAT neighbors, tons of food and copious amounts of laughter. We had a great time. My brother Phil and his wife Jody even came up from Portland, that was a true highlight. We’re already planning a summer party where Phils Blues band comes and play good music in the backyard….and of course all the neighbors would be invited. I will keep you posted on all of these upcoming events. But for now I gotta run, I have a party at the office today and another two or three to get ready for this weekend. Tis the Season. More next week, when I’m home on vacation.

4 thoughts on “You’re all invited!

  1. There’s no point in having a contest where we bring the worst song – you’ve already found it. That video is freakin hysterical!

    Merry Christmas Carla!!!

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