Christmas tree angst!

You know how some years you find the occasional spider in your living Christmas tree? The spider and 14 of it’s closest friends, have hitched a ride inside to your warm cozy house via the newly purchased Christmas tree. You don’t really notice the residents of the tree until about the time the star goes on top of the tree and then it’s just way too late to throw the tree to the ground and stomp the living hell out of it to kill all the spiders. Well, I would have been happy to have something living in our tree this year, cuz it wasn’t the tree. This poor thing was fresh cut all right, twelve weeks ago!!! We couldn’t have had a drier tree, if we had lived in the Sahara. We had to wear eye protection and gloves for the dismanteling of the tree. Once upon watering the tree I heard this great sucking noise as I walked near and realized it was the tree drinking all of it’s water and then panting on it’s dying breath for more. Our cats wouldn’t even lay under the tree for hear of poking their eyes out on the droopy limbs. It got so bad that I wouldn’t let anyone plug in the lights for fear the warmth of the glow of the atmosphere would create just the right amount of heat to torch the sad noble fir. So yesterday, YES the day after Christmas, we took the tree down. And what you see are the results..poor baby! Next year we are headed to the tree farm to cut our own tree so we know just how fresh it really is. At least it’s not as bad as the trees I would see when I lived in Ohio. There they would cut them fresh in September and spray paint them green. Augh!

6 thoughts on “Christmas tree angst!

  1. Wow, the day AFTER Christmas. You really must have been desperate to get rid of it!

    Thank God you avoided a combustable disaster!

  2. My trees are still up and their lights are merrily twinkling. I must say this is a first. One year I took my tree down the night of Christmas….

  3. The last real tree we had, we cut down ourselves one week before christmas. Three days before Christmas (yes we watered the damn thing) it was outside by the curb – completely free of any needles. However there was a long trail of them from the tree, down our stairs and out the front door.

    At least your dead tree lasted through the bid day!!

  4. I have learned from Mythbusters,that the fir tree that lasted longest was the one they put hair spray on. They measured fallen needles to keep count, the one that lost the fewest needles AND stayed GREEN was the one watered with 5% solution of bleach and water. Erk! I hung Christmas cards because of the evil cat who lives in this house.

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