Ahem, may I have your attention please!

So my blogger friend Karl, from Canada needs our help. With our help Karl could be the winner of a “2007 Bloggies” for the best Canadian Blog. The 7th Annual Weblog Awards are underway, with voting through tonight, January 11. So I urge you to go the link and insert Karl for Best Canadian Blog. (no receipt of payment was issued for this endorsement)

So with that business out of the way, I’d like to call this meeting to order. I will most likely be working from home today as the Seattle area got pummeled with an inch of snow. Traffic is at a complete standstill, the authorities are urging us to stay home. So who am I not to follow orders! I have the Internet, I have several ways to email, I have some cell phones, I even have a fax, printer, scanner thingy. I am wired, but I read today about these individuals who are not, by choice. I love the access of the Internet so much, and I have about a zillion and a half in my favorite file, that I find it hard to comprehend life with out the Internet. HOWEVER, with that said, I am not a slave to email and particularly to my cell phones. Yes, cell phones, plural. I have my work one and my personal one. I have the plan with the family, where we have unlimited access to each other, so that’s a gimmee. I did however have the option of the the company taking that over, but I wanted it separate. Oh well.

Mostly I am glad that I have a job where I can work from home, be productive and….oh shit, it’s 7:15 am, I got to get to work! Bye, more later

10 thoughts on “Ahem, may I have your attention please!

  1. Yep we were pummeled with TWO inches of very very wet snow, hope it melts off. Lots of school delays and school closures here, people do NOT know how to drive in snow when it rains mostly on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast. I would love to work at home but the paperless medical record has not found its way to Coquille Valley Hosptal…so here I be. R

  2. Drove to work in the snow squall today. Merrily passed the doddering fools who kept hitting their brakes. One thing though, I also sailed precariously through the red light on State and Vetrans Way. While waving royally and muttering ‘sorry sorry sorry’. Got to work in record time.
    princess gale

  3. You don’t know what snow is until you look out the door and see 48 inches of it in your back yard. After back to back to back blizzards it is a little much. Greatings from Snowy Colorado. Oh by the way, we are expecting 6-10 inches more before Monday…….

  4. Would you people stop hoarding all our snow? You get 10 feet and we got nothin! Zippo! Zilch! Oh, but it IS -1 degrees this morning so that’s something. Not.

  5. I’m in Delaware and it should be cold and have a chance of snow (I love the snow) but NOOOOO it’s sunny, beuatiful and 60 degrees! How in the world am I supposed to bunch up in a blanket next to a fireplace and read!?! LOL

    Anyway, Thank for coming by!

  6. The weather on the west coast is certainly weird this winter. You guys with your snow, Vancouver (Canada) with the never ending wind and sleet, I even went to the Cannon Beach (Oregon) web page and was horrified to find a web cam picture of snow on the beach! Back east, there are places that usually have snow that do not and ski resorts are closed.

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