Winter Wonderland

Remind me again, what part of the country I live in? It’s been snowing all day! ….just a lazy slow snow that is like an unexpected guest that plans to stay a while. Gonna get back to my book and warm cozy fireplace.

7 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Our snow is not melting either, it’s only a little dab but must warm up buggy a little longer in the a.m., furtunately hubby volunteers to do that for me….and the basement is not leaking. I know, it’s an oxymoron, houses in Oregon should NOT have basements.

  2. We vegged yesterday as well. Not because of snow, it is just too flipping cold. Plus we are saving for an air compressor which puts a stop on all extracarricular activities. (I spelled that phoenetically, not sure if it right..)So we watched DVDs and worked out..We will be buff when we play “You Don’t Know Jack”

  3. I wouldn’t mind some snow, and how come my dog never does anything that cute?

    Gale – I mis-read that you were going to be playing “You Don’t know Jack” in the buff.

  4. no I don’t have a puppy, I jacked it from the internet, courtesy of However, it is the sort of puppy I would like….if I wanted a puppy!

  5. I cannot believe all the snow the Pacific Northwest has been getting this winter? I’ve lived in the Seattle area my entire life and snowstorms were few and far between. I do miss Washington State though…

    I LOVE your blog. More importantly…I would love to be working on my novel, in front of a warm fireplace with my mug of coffee… Enjoy your day! 🙂

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