First trip of the year!

Well it is quickly becoming a tradition that we travel to San Francisco in January. We are at 3 years running. Because I am in the food business I attend the Fancy Food Show, which is hosted here. But today was play day, and at one point we listed to each other our various modes of transportation since awakening this morning. We were in our own personal car, a shuttle bus, an airplane, a taxicab, a cable car, a boat and a limo. In and around all that riding around we walked our butts off, which is a good thing, my butt could use it. Here’s a picture of our room.

We are trying a new place and it’s not quite what I expected, but the view is good. I best go have a conversation with Sweet Husband to see where we want to have dinner.
Oh yeah and don’t go burgling the house while were gone, we have house sitters and they know where the kitchen knives are stored. Adieu, here are our new limo friends.

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