Ho hum!

Hey, I don’t generally post about my kitties, but they have been way more exciting than me lately. I have been posting about weather a little too much lately, and we are in a steady non threatening pattern right now, so no news there. The relationship with Sweet Husband is always good. But DOT boring~ I haven’t traveled in about 4 days, however, I haven’t been to Portland at all this year, yet! Nothing new to report there. I need a haircut, but I always do, and some color, but then I have hair angst so that’s boring too. I am reading some Sarah Vowell….she cracks me up.
But all in all, I’m fairly boring lately, so when I feel both funny and feel like writing then we all have something to look forward to.

Did you all yawn when you saw this picture? I did!

2 thoughts on “Ho hum!

  1. I didn’t yawn, until I read,“Did you all yawn when you saw this picture?”, and now I can’t stop.

    Your evil plan worked.

  2. yup I did *yawn*. And Sarah Vowell is fantastic, I remember the first time I heard her on NPR, the ‘pink goth’ story, I fell in love with her writing. Ran right out to buy ‘take the cannoli’

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