For real~

A little while back I made mention of an impending Ugly Lamp Party. Well, to some it may be ugly, but I actually purchased this lovely gem shown to the side. I paid real money for this baby and I like it. It has a cool shape to the lamp shade, minus the tassels that used to adorn each corner of the shade, and I love the lounging Buddha. We’ve considered either painting the exposed nipple pink or putting a faux ring in it. What do you think?

Earlier this evening Sweet husband and I were discussing that either we can’t decide what style to have or we have all of them. Let’s see, we have African Masks on one living room wall, a Persian rug on the floor, a Mexican carved cabinet housing the TV, reddish brown leather living room furniture, a round Mediterranean dining room table with post modern leather chairs. We have a waiting to be remodeled kitchen and had to remodel it bathroom. Can you say eclectic?

Now if you were to walk into our bedroom, you would notice it is totally VOID of any style whatsoever. We have a king size bed, two side tables from Target, a corner book stand from IKEA and an antique dresser Sweet husband got from a house he use to live in. We painted the room with left over paint and that was just to cover up the gaudy tulip border and purple paint from the previous owner. There is a Chinese umbrella attached to the ceiling light as a lamp shade, which is cool. But that is the extent of our decorations, unless you count the Matalisse and matching pillow covers. Wait there are two poster sorta things hanging on the wall that were once wrapping paper to presents I gave my husband for his birthday. One is a map of London, the other paper is a map of Paris…wow, how original. Other than that, zip, nada, nothing. It’s a good thing that in this room the eyes are closed most of the time.

When we de-christmastized the house this year, it looked more barren than usual. It finally dawned on me, that in our quest to not have a lot of junk hanging around, we don’t have a lot of junk hanging around. I think that will change. Slowly, one nice piece at a time. After all there are several other countries that are not represented in our household mix.

I am however sensing a theme here, I have a Buddha head in the garden tucked in amongst the bamboo.

9 thoughts on “For real~

  1. I love you for your ugly lamps. I might be the lone dissenter, but I vote for no nipple embellishments. Sometimes kitsch needs no improvement.

  2. I like him, no nipple ring very disrepectful but then he’s a LAMP fer Karma’s sake!

    A reclining Buddha
    The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni Buddha (the historical Buddha) at his death. It is said that the Buddha knew death was approaching, and asked his disciples to prepare a couch for him in a grove. He lay there, reclining on his right side, facing west, with his head supported by his hand, as he passed into nirvana.

    The statue of the Reclining Buddha is not supposed to evoke sadness, but rather encouragement that all beings have the potential to become enlightened and attain release from the sufferings which characterize the cycle of rebirth. The reclining Buddha’s serene, composed, and restful demeanor (he is actually slightly smiling) a reminder of the serenity that comes with enlightenment.

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