Thoughts on war.

I heard on the news yesterday that the war in Iraq is now more expensive than the war in Vietnam. Gosh, and I thought the dollar could buy more then than now. Either way it’s a shitload of money. Have any of you been asked to sacrifice anything for the war? Um, I know I haven’t. If we as a nation have sacrificed anything please let me know, something other than your child, which I am POSITIVE you did not give up willingly.

No gas rations, no collecting of spare rubber, no black out curtains, no sugar shortage. No Rosie the Riveter. I don’t know how to feel about this, shouldn’t WE as a people be participating in this war in some way if we aren’t in the military? This war all seems so distant, faraway and diluted.

I don’t remember much about the Vietnam war other than what we saw on TV and the letters my oldest brother would send from some far away place called Da Nang. One letter he said that he was going to send a water buffalo home for a Christmas present for my sisters and I. I looked for that gift for years to come, I thought he was serious, after all I was a little girl. The depths of my disappointment will never be known.

I’ve often wondered how my parents coped with him being over there. We’ve really never talked about it. To me it was a part of life, I had no worries. I was 16 when Vietnam finally came to a close, and most likely all caught up in some crush toward a boy I would never talk to. My sweet step daughter is now 16. Her father and I could only be as lucky that she will remember very little of this current war. Her life is hair, her friends and the latest electronic device. She may recall someday our absolute dislike of this war and our daily remarks about how senseless it is. Unfortunately, our younger generations will be paying for this one for a long time to come. I never thought that I might be paying $$$ for Vietnam, until right now. That’s depressing, I guess I’m sacrificing after all. I think I’ll go back to writing about hair tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on war.

  1. I have never really thought about it. But why aren’t rationing or something? More than likely it is the sign of the times. The current “Let me write you a check” mentality. It’s okay, I would give up lots of stuff for the kids over there.

  2. My dad mentioned the possibility of gas rationing…Not something I would personally like to experience.

    However, if we are asked to sacrifice for our troops…

    Hair sounds like a nice topic…

  3. Richard and I went to see “Apocalypse Now” after he had come home from ‘Nam and when the drive in Emmett still existed. His comment on the movie then was a serious howl of outrage, “That’s not the way it was!” He has never commented on his tour of duty there other than to say that he was accidentally in a free fire I think that means he could be shot at by friendly fire and that he helped um “relocate” an airconditioning unit. As far as gifts from ‘Nam, I remember three very small silk cheongsam’s getting mailed home, so tiny I don’t think any them fit you girls AND Richard’s stereo equipment. Very state of the Art then. R

  4. When I was in 4th grade my teacher left for Viet Nam. I clearly remember asking him if he was coming back. He said, “I sure hope so.”

    I was asking if he was coming back to teach. I’m pretty sure now that he was answering a different question.

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