Lil help!

Let’s have a little contest here. If you can come up with a caption that makes me laugh harder than all the others, you will forever have my undying something er ruther. I love my Sweet Husband so much and because he has a STELLAR sense of humor, this is what he brought home for dinner tonight, Valentines Day.

I came up with:

I “heart” your meat!
and Sweet Husband came up with, “the Butchers of Love”

Just in case you need proof, I have the package with the storel lable.

I on the other hand was a little more subtle with the crackers and brie.

6 thoughts on “Lil help!

  1. Everything is food, food, food,
    Everything is food for thought.
    Everything is foooooooood
    Everything is foooooooood.

    Popeye (Robin Williams version)

  2. “My meat has a heart on for you”

    “Meat me later for some lovin'”

    “I give your meat a hearty two-thumbs up”

    “Be still my meating heart”

    I’m going to stop now.

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