I told you!

Look what I ran across today as I was going through some boxes. School pictures- which is the ultimate proof that I indeed have hair issues. I think on occasion I also had teeth issues but it was the first and second grade, so that is excusable. Can you tell which was my college picture? HINT: the hair issues are at a minimum, and there’s also no grade notation. However, if you were to see the skirt I was wearing you’d see HUGE plaid print in the stunning color combination of green and maroon. um, I ‘heart’ the 80’s.

What you are seeing is also a horrendous and terrible over use of gingham. Was this the only fabric available in the early 60′? I think this was just prior to the polyester explosion of the 70’s. And right after the great poodle skirt debacle, of the 50’s. Have I mentioned that my mother, a mother of SEVEN children, all coming out of her womb, used to make 99% of our clothes. I don’t know how she did it, but I finally figured out why. I think it was her way of “coping” with the kids. She could kind of lose herself in her projects and we could all take turns raising each other. My dad worked away from home alot and I don’t know if that was by design, but for the most part all seven of us turned out ok. Do not interpret this as neglect, we all have our ways of coping. I will at a later date post about what I like to call, “child abuse foods”, but that’s for another day.

I do know this about growing up, that if any one of us ever EVEN thought about touching mother’s sewing machine that we would be dead meat, and that was before I even knew what dead meat was.

One year mom made Barbie clothes. How mad do you have to be to sew Barbie clothes?? All those teeny tiny pieces and little bitty zippers. Yes freakin zippers on Barbie clothes, my eyes hurt just thinking about it. As I recall this is about the same time that she sent away and got new hair for our Barbies. Don’t you think it’s ironic that Barbie’s hair issues could be solved and mine couldn’t? Anyway my Barbie came back with a beehive wig, which fell off all the time and that just made me cranky, cuz bald is not a good look on Barbie.

Allow me to continue (AND NOT IN A SNARKY WAY) my mom decided the year that all three of her youngest daugthers were all teens, that she would make all of our underwear AND swimsuits. Why yes, I did say under wear, as in: slips, bras and panties, she probably would have done panty hose if we would have stood still long enough. These garments were hideous! Hideous I say! I kind of wish I had pictures to show, but that would be too painful. And if polyester wasn’t bad enough, to ease the pain of having a homemade swimsuit we got to pick out fabric appliques that were then sewn onto the top right corner of the swimsuit top. Wow, all that and style too! It’s no wonder I have a thing about swimsuits to this day, but frankly I don’t know a woman who doesn’t.

From this time period I remember two things….(1) piles and piles of nylon and polyester fabric resulting in various undergarments and (2) never wearing them. But as in all life’s lessons I’ve learned this…there is a time and place for being frugal and when it comes to having your mom sew underwear and swimsuits, it would have been less painful to touch her sewing machine and break it.

7 thoughts on “I told you!

  1. You poor thing! It’s a wonder you turned out as well as you did.

    Although I don’t know you very well come to think of it. You could easily be a whack job…

  2. I remember really looking forward to Paulette’s handme downs. In fact it is the basis of my wariness of new clothes today.


  3. Did you know that Mom hide the pedal for the sewing machine? I remember walking to Grandma Horn’s house to make doll blankets as a Home Ec project for your girls for Christmas, took forever but then I got to be at Grandma’s house dinking around on her manual machine, wish I had that machine now. Oh well. I only occasional do hand sewing of hems, the clothes I purchase last quite a while. And yes I got Dan River cotton shirt waist dresses for highschool, never wore a pair of pants….EVER.

  4. Don’t feel bad – my best friend just posted a picture of me senior year in high school on her blog. My mom also made us clothes since that’s what she did professionally, although mercifully my underwear was store-bought.

    Meanwhile, if I am your brush with celebrity, lady, you need to get out more! I’m just a dork with a blog.

  5. Having been born with “stick straight” hair, I think you should let your natural curl come out! and I just heard from a friend of mine that Her mother made clothes for Barbie as well! That must be a true sign of “whackdom”
    Your Pal LB

  6. Hmmm…my mother sewed all of our clothes too. And she sewed Barbie clothes. And doll clothes. My Baby Beans and I even had matching outfits. Several of them. And there were seven kids.

    I was beginning to think that you may be a sister I didn’t remember, but my mother never sewed any underthings.

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