"Have fun stormin the castle"

I don’t recall how long we had been going out when one day we were standing in the kitchen of my house. I do recall that we were standing very close to one another when I heard this very earnest voice in my ear. “Would you consider marrying me?”
This is my answer, in spite of it sounding like I’m a smart ass, “yes, I will consider it”. At this point I have to defend myself, he only asked me to consider marrying him, so that’s what I answered. Sometimes I am very literal.

A short time later, perhaps a week, maybe two, I was asked once more. “Will you marry me” No funny business this time, no smarty pants answers, simply yes. Yes, yes yes, a million times yes. I KNOW!!!!!

After a truly short engagement, (after all why delay joy). we planned for a February 24th 2001 wedding, and even after 6 years, people who attended our wedding say it was the funnest wedding they have ever been too. We had food, dancing, beer and wine, pretty good food and music and lots of laughter. It was a very fun day and I remember almost every second of the day from waking up to going to sleep that night and everything in between. It was VERY low stress, on purpose.

So now it’s your turn. Here’s a list of situations that happened on the wedding day. You choose what you would like to read about and I will write about it. I will take requests in order of your comments, if there are any, or if any one cares. Sound like fun?….here goes.

1. We are Family HP style.
2. Tap the keg? Now?
3. Wedding cake anyone?
4. $100000.00 video…almost.
5. Vows aplenty.
6. The most amazing thing to me.

Thanks for playing!

6 thoughts on “"Have fun stormin the castle"

  1. What no earthquake story? Although I love you guy to pieces, the very idea of watching the wedding video makes me shake.
    big sis

  2. “you put yer left leg in, you put yer left leg out…”

    Just the best party for the very best reasons. Many happy anniversaries to come. R

  3. The Keg has to be the best part, When was the last wedding you went to that had a tapped keg at the door being served by one semi intoxicated brother and one semi intoxicated brother-in-law? Wait a minute, add that up and we are both drunk, yeah, both of us were drunk. So, now you know, it was all our fault or my fault I don’t remember. None the less we all had a great time, Paul and Wanda still think I’m a degenerate. What’s new about that? That sure was a good brew.

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