When Venus and Mars Collided!

Way back in 1998, when I grew tired of being “Julie the cruiser director” in a long worn out relationship that was going nowhere, I decided that I would have more fun dating and taking care of me for awhile. So I joined a rowing club, started working out, made new friends and placed an ad on the internet site LOVE @AOL. The only current photo I had at the time was my passport so I scanned and used that one. It was itsy bitsy, pixilated and hard to see, but I got a few responses anyway. OVER 700! Yup that’s right, 700 responses. It was totally overwhelming on how to weed through all of them. So I figured if someone could form a thought, which resulted in a sentence that comprised a whole paragraph then that was half the battle. I corresponded with lots of men and I went on a lot of dates. I had some weird ones and some are still friends, but I quickly grew tired of the man juggling so I took my ad off of AOL and went dormant for a while. I had started cancelling more first dates than I went on, dating was hard work. Boo-fucking-hoo! whaa, poor me!

In the early spring of 2000 I was well rested and ready to try my hand at being the picker of personal ads. I went to LOVE @AOL and found this ad where the guy was sarcastic, funny, very well read and the title of his ad was “When Venus and Mars Collide”. I liked him already. We started exchanging emails right away and I was delighted when I would see that I had mail from him when I got home from work. It was only logical that we next talk on the phone so after a few weeks of emailing I suggested we talk. His time was precise as to when we could talk because he spent a lot of time with his young daughter and he stressed that she was his very first priority. That was a great sign to me, I was impressed with his resolve to be in his daughters life, in spite of being a part time parent.

We worked out times to talk and we both found our banter very easy and entertaining. We had the same sarcastic wit and sense of humor. The more we talked, the more I wanted to talk, I was getting hooked. So how about we meet in person? After checking our respective calenders it would be 10 days before we could meet in person. I was travelling and he was going to spend time with his parents up at their cabin. We weren’t even going to be able to email or talk…huh? On the Saturday before we were supposed to meet on the following Thursday, he mentioned he had his daughter for Father’s Day but that she would be going to her mom’s at about 3pm that day. I suggested that we meet after his daughter went to her mom’s, because frankly we both had the time and I didn’t want to wait until Thursday.

We agreed to meet at a Bar for a beer and then slow stagger/walk around GreenLake, which is a 3 mile paved path in the city. I showed up about 5 minutes after our arranged time and saw this nice looking man at a table and didn’t really notice anyone else. The reason I didn’t notice anyone else? The bar was closed until dinner time and there was only some guy there vacuuming. This dear man had persuaded them to let us in to have our beer, explaining to them it was our first date. I’m going to tell you now that the rest is history. We spent the next several hours staring into each others eyes, and falling in love. I KNOW, pretty cool huh? That was in June of 2000, we were married the following February.
… to be continued.

3 thoughts on “When Venus and Mars Collided!

  1. I love a good love story. But I also want to hear about the rejects. Wow do you have fodder for the blog. Untapped resources. Okay maybe 1 or 2.
    I love youse guys.

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