And now you know the rest of the story.

A friend of ours once ran a route for a beer company so they offered to give us, as a wedding gift, a keg of beer. EXCELLENT! One of the stipulations was to go bar hopping with them in Olympia, for you geography buffs that’s the state capital of SAY WA. This strict stipulation was to decide which tasty frothy goodness would grace the inside of said keg. Sweet Husband recalls that the flavor might have been called Fish Tale Ale, from a local brewery in Olympia. Well, whatever it was, it was quite yummy! Normally we don’t have much need for a full keg of beer, but since we were going to be having a party where some people just happened to be getting married, why not share.

The day of the wedding dawned early as it does in this neck of the woods. The weather was clear, crisp and the whole city was ripe with excitement. HEY, I’m telling the story here and if I say the whole city was excited, then they were dammit!

The ceremony wasn’t until 6:30 that night, but of course we had hauling of wedding crap, decorations, and general wedding fluffery going on. Our friends arrived at the venue with the keg with it’s necessary paraphernalia at about 3pm. This is the part in the story where I point out that in every good family the relatives from out of town take on responsibilities at weddings. Like my sisters and my friend Sam were a great help in purchasing and decorating the club where the wedding was. All I did was give them money and a copper arch, they worked wonders. In another case my Sweet brother and Sweet brother in law took it upon themselves, without having to be asked, to tap the keg (2.). Wasn’t that nice of them? They also helped with plugging in lights later on the decorated arch, pretty much all they could handle after the beer. πŸ™‚

This is where the fun begins, I mean really, fun. When was the last time that you went to a wedding and a glass of beer was practically shoved in your hand before you could have your picture taken for the guest book? It was AWESOME!!! It just occurred to me maybe that’s why everyone participated in the Hokey Pokey (1.Family HP style) and the dance floor was filled all night. Or it could be why when the cake showed up 10 minutes prior to the ceremony, no one cared. Or the fact that 3/4’s of the cake ( cake anyone?) was still left after the festivites were done because we forgot to cut and serve it, could that have had something to do with the beer?

The final result of the keg and cake, they ended up in our chilly garage, both being picked at for the next couple of weeks while we were on our honeymoon. Who picked on them you ask? Well our sweet housesitters of course, Juan and Inez (not their real names, left for another blog post) and their trusty son Justin. I have the best relatives… Aunt Wanda thinks we are all drunks because she had never been to a wedding where they all started drinking before and during the ceremony. This is an odd statement coming from someone from Idaho…do the math! Idaho plus alcohol???

I haven’t even mentioned the multiple bottles of wine and champagne. As for me during the evening I remember having one glass of champagne, and that was right after I pulled the chair out from underneath my new sweet husband. (4.$100000 video almost). My sweet sister had been video taping practically everything in sight and was taking a rest, or the battery died or something horrific happened to the camera. I stepped up to a table where there was a chair behind my sweet husband. I was moving the chair away as I wanted to step as close to him as possible for the impending toast. I stepped up, pulled away the chair, camera went off, Sweet husband gracefully lowered himself to the floor thinking the whole time the chair was still there, laughter ensues, the camera comes back on. No one was hurt, and only the people in the front actually saw what happened. It was our first big laugh as a married couple, that hasn’t stopped. The only part not caught on tape was the actually pulling away of the chair. Dang it! We coulda been contenders.

One thing stands out to me and that is people actually went out of their way to come to our wedding. That amazes (.6 amazing) me to this day. I was such a hold out, marrying at the ripe old age of 41, I figured no one had the interest. Perhaps they just wanted to witness history in the making. All in all it was a fun day on the start of a very fun journey. I know Sweet Husband looks forward to our life together, I most certainly do (.5 vows aplenty)

6 thoughts on “And now you know the rest of the story.

  1. Thanks for the stories. It’s easy to tell you two were made for each other.

    Is that Fr. Guido Sarducci with your husband?

  2. I remember now….I had lots of fun. The part I loved the most was Phil’s toast. So much fun, food, and beer. Lets have a party!!!

  3. H-Man, no, that’s actually me with my husband. Those other two fellows are my brother and brother in law. πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry about that, I typed too fast.

    I meant to ask if that was Fr. Guido with your BIL. That was supposed to be a joke. I knew it was your brother – he just kind of looks like Fr. Guido… nevermind.

  5. It was by far the funnest wedding I have ever been to and my own was a whole lot of fun. As I recall it took nearly trains,planes and automobiles to get there. Big heavy snow, landed in Bellingham and then bused back to Seattle to pick up younger brother and rental car. We missed out on some of the fun, but got caught up quickly.
    Lets do it again soon…..

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