Bone head

I am a big bonehead with a f**ked up computer. I have Windows XP professional on my home PC. With automatic updates coming in from the mother ship, things were fine for a while, until the DREADED service paks 1 and 2 showed up. Way back in 04, the PC was still under warranty from the local place we purchased and when the thing went tits up, those fine fellows were able to fiddle around and bring it back to life. Fast forward to 07 not too long ago I downloaded Explorer 7. sumthin, we’re crusin along for awhile, then BAM, things get whacky and I’m screwed. I keep getting the reboot loop, and loop and loop with no booting to speak of. So my sweet husband went on line on his PC and ordered me a brand spankin new top of the line something-er-other with nobs and widgets and some of this and a little of that. It so high tech it sounds like it could paint the house if we would let it. Too bad we did that dirty deed last summer. So for the next few days I’m relegated to my work lap top or as I absent mind-ly called it the other day, my flat top. sheesh, I scare my self!

6 thoughts on “Bone head

  1. Enjoy! Husband’s big PC just blew up a few weeks ago. He decided he would get a “refurbished” flat top for 600 bucks. It came and did NOT work. So the local Guys’ Computer looked at it and said,”Bad mother board”. Husband shipped it back after wrangling a prepaid addressed label and off it went. He ordered a New flat top from HP with ALL the bells and whistles for 600 bucks. I coulda had a V-8!!!
    I like my lap top except for the damned keyboard! I have to learn all over again how to type each time I fire the darn thing up. Why I oughta pound….

  2. Good job on figuring out how to put your computer into a boot loop so you had to get a new one. Hmmm… mind if I use that one?

  3. I just got a new computer at the office and it’s amazing how much faster it is than my old one. I love it.

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