…the usual suspects

I love this photo! You won’t find it anywhere but here on this blog. Doesn’t it look like one of those greeting cards with the goofy sayings inside? I generally would be the first smart ass to make a comment, but I can’t this time. I am simply overwhelmed by the supreme level of cuteness. My Sweet husband and I were on our second date when he showed me this picture….can you guess which one is him. Here’s a current photo of the big stud!

I welcome your greeting card comments as well. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

10 thoughts on “…the usual suspects

  1. “The seven young men were hiding the fact that the paintball game earlier had gotten a little out of hand”
    Sweet husband is hiding in the car.

  2. I’m with ellen. He has to be the tough guy in the giant boots.

    All I can say is there must have been a pretty major threat of flooding that day.

  3. I’m not even READING the above comments before I guess, Studly Husband is boy scout sort of in the middle, arms cross across his chest, stance widened, wearing very substantial boots and scowling manfully. R

  4. Oh my god -that’s a fabulous picture. I’m going to guess second from the right.

    I’d love to know what happened to the defiant boy next to him. He’s probably an accountant or something.

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