It only hurts when I breath!

When it was my birthday, way back on March 12th, I was sick with a cold. I hadn’t been sick for a while so I guess it was my turn. As colds go this one decided to stay around and stake a claim on my throat and chest. This particular cold was persistent and generous in it’s creation of a cough mechanism and I as it’s host, honed my coughing skills…day and night. This increased activity in the cough department resulted in many and varied sexy voices for me. Mostly I sounded alot like Harvey Fierstein but without all the money.

Late last week in a fit of sneezing and coughing I felt a slight tug on my right side in the rib area. Today my doctor confirmed that I had cracked a rib coughing. I know this because it hurts, A LOT but mostly when I try to lie down and sleep, which involves turning and coughing, A LOT. I should be all better in a while, but it makes me wonder about my bone density. More calcium please. When I was looking up on the ‘intertubes’ about cracked ribs,I found out that one of the less common causes of rib fracture is gun shot wound. Gee, I’m glad I didn’t catch that.

4 thoughts on “It only hurts when I breath!

  1. Fer gawds sakes, if you are coughing THAT hard, it’s PNEUMONIA! Get that chicken soup going and the Robitussin, docs here in the ER prescribe it all the time for cough. Force fluids, deep breathing, oh an Japanese hot tub, sitting in hot water up to yer neck HAS to feel wonderful on the cough and the ribs.

  2. when you start breaking into Whooping Cough territory, it might be time to admit that staying in bed is the better path to glory…

    Feel Better!!

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