SURPRISES…me like!

A few weeks ago I was informed on my Birthday that there would be ‘something else’ later in the month. The month being March, the later being the 31st. I had no idea what we were up to, but it was suggested that I dress up a little and that we would be first going to dinner and then somewhere else. Over the month I asked a few questions and got….”I suppose it could be this, that,or another thing” My very Sweet Husband can be vague at the most inopportune times. But I played along. I did get minimal information, such as it was bigger than a bread box, yet it was not one. Dang, that’s probably not where I wanted to go anyway. I was told the exact date and what time to be ready, and what to wear. No more questions lady.

So off we went. I love the restaurant that we went to, the Icon Grill, where we shared some appetizers and had a couple of drinks. I love to people watch, and it’s a funky joint with lots of Dale Chilhuly glass trapped in chicken wire suspended from the ceiling. The groovy thing about Seattle is that when one goes out, anything in the garment area is good to go. Jeans, sweats, gortex, flannel, velvet, sequins, Doc martens, Birkenstocks, we got it all and they all show up to the same party. Hey, they are just clothes, it’s not who you are! I like the non pretense and the comfort of casual wear.

Ok ok…we eat, pay our tab after we did a tag team to the restrooms and stumbled UP the freakin stairs to pee. Sheesh, my only complaint with ANY establishment is, DON’T make me walk UP stairs after drinking a cocktail…or two.

We leave the restaurant and head up the street. As we are walking, I see MOORE THEATRE on the side of a building and ask if that is where we are going? “Yup, you will know who we are seeing as soon as we turn this next corner”.
Is that not cool!!! He had this groovy suprise for me and I am just now going to find out who we were seeing. We turned to the left, I lift my eyes and saw on the marquee, “SARAH VOWELL“. Who, you might ask? Well she has some AWESOME books on history, she’s funny and informative and has a good grasp of the English language. Oh yeah, and one more blip on her resume, she is the voice of Violet Parr of the Incredibles. It was so fun and VERY well received.

4 thoughts on “SURPRISES…me like!

  1. I was hoping for diamonds. But this is just as good, way to go!! And happy late birthday and no more talking to mom when you have a cold…..

  2. The restaurant looks awesome! Although the virtual tour made me dizzy.

    I gave the same kind of surprise to my wife one year when I took her to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring…. Donny Osmond no less!

    Needless to say I was a hero for a day.

  3. Happy belated birthday! You know, it’s husband’s like yours that make lazy guys like me have to work twice as hard…

    But that’s not really a bad thing, I suppose.

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