Weekend forecast!

I’ve been out working in the yard. And that was my treat for having such a busy week where actual customers wanted to do actual business, go figure.

We had the most amazing weather on Friday, we broke a record at 79 degrees C. It was luscious, particularly as I see that most of the rest of the country was covered recording breaking low temps as Global warming grips our lives. anyhoo, after a bit of running around on Friday, I worked, yes really worked from my home office. I had lots of recapping and stuff. It was so nice to open up the house and have the fresh air sweep through. Later that evening we went to our closest favorite nursery and spent a bucket of money on plants. Yesterday in spite of a smattering of rain we gardened. I love that, it’s my favorite pastime, I am really lucky that Sweet Husband likes it too. The weather was cooler but it was perfect for gardening.

Things were moving right along, we had pulled out two overgrown over pruned (yours truly) rock roses and a rosemary plant that I hacked literally to death. The rosemary was so overgrown that in spite of us using about a pound a week in cooking it was threatening to take over the patio….I gave it a little visit to the barber. Um, perhaps a little off the top and the sides was a bit much. Rosemary was replaced by a much smaller version as well as the thyme that I had killed too. Really, I don’t kill much in the garden…although I usually have a target, like slugs and aphids.

I was trimming a wisteria that was hanging over the fence the neighbors will eventually replace and I turned around to put a branch on the ground and THUNK!
FAUH-UCK! she swore softly to the whole neighborhood. I had walked directly into a hanging bird feeder that must be made of solid steel. I knelt over and thought I was going to revisit breakfast, the ugly way. Sweet husband led me to a chair and promptly had ice on the new Easter edition goose egg gracing my noggin.

That didn’t slow me down much, but after another hour or so we were more than ready to clean up and have some dinner. So that was my Saturday, now if you will excuse me I’m off to another nursery to get more plants. I think I might look into protective gardening head gear.

4 thoughts on “Weekend forecast!

  1. remember when we lived on Hawthorne and the little kid who could only play outside if he was where a football helmet??? I’m just saying.

  2. You may be too young to remember Grandma Horn in her garden when they lived out on the farm. She wore a great big flat straw hat, I loved that hat, I loved the gooseberry bush, and I loved the gooseberry pies she would make for me and shudder the whole time because they were so sour.

  3. Goose Egg or Gooseberry, damn I can’t make up my mind which I like better. Friday was a nice day weren’t it? Why do you think Shorty always wore a Hard Hat.

  4. hmmm, hard hats seem to be called for…

    at least you had a personal ‘easter egg’ of your own…

    helping? not helping?

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