Pet sitting Karma

It seems that my Sweet Husband and I can’t be trusted to watch the neighbor’s animals while they are gone. Our VERY nice neighbor brought Tangerine, a well behaved gold fish to our house a week or so ago because they were going to visit the Nation’s capital. We have housed Tangerine before without incident. In fact on a former visit Tangerine had a friend with him, but in his own bowl. It seems that beta fish like to eat goldfish and we didn’t want that happening on our watch, thus the separate living accommodations. Well eventually nameless Beta fish, let’s call him Fish Doe, was no longer of this world and would not be making the trek across the street to be stared at by our kitties. These fish loved coming to our house in fact they would often want to come to our house even if their rightful owners were not going anywhere. But that never really happened. Feeding time was our favorite and it was there’s too. As pieces of dried somethingeruther dripped from our fingers, the little fisheys would dance on top of the water with delight.

The last time I saw Tangerine with any sort of self propelled movement was on Thursday night, when Sweet Husband said, “Did you feed the fish today, he looks a little lethargic”. “Yes”, I said, “I fed him a teensy bit this morning”. Well lethargic indeed, I’d say more like comatose. The next morning when I went to feed him, Tangerine was giving me the international sign for scratch my belly. As the surprise wore off all I could say was “oh, no” and “oops”, and “at least it wasn’t the cats”. VERY nice neighbor was insistent that Tangerine come to visit in an opaque container so the kitties would not see him. Frankly our cats could care less, they were afraid of Tangerine. But we placed him on a high counter, just in case.

Now what to do. It’s not like I could swirl him back to life like some people I’ve read about. Tangerine was far too gone. I called Sweet Husband at work to tell him the dreadful news, but it went right to voice mail so I ceased my sobbing and went to work. A few hours later Sweet Husband called me and I broke the sad news to him. He wanted to come home right away, telling his coworkers that he was needed at home, but I insisted he stay and finish his very important job of brain surgery or whatever he does when he isn’t home.

Later in the day when we were both home we weren’t quite sure what to do with the little fishy remains. I’m not aware that Tangerine had a health care directive, but then most folks don’t. Sweet Husband suggested the freezer, but that would take up precious vodka and gin room, idea nixed. The topic of flushing never came up, ur until now. We even considered purchasing the same size of gold fish, thinking they would never notice. But the thought of actually pulling a bait and switch, nah.(pun actually intended). Sweet Husband also suggested that we drain the water out of the bowl, put Tangerine on ice (again with the ice) and draw a chalk outline of the fish on the bottom of the bowl, cause frankly it’s starting to smell in here. I loved that idea, but neither one of us really want to have to touch him.

So we wait and I noticed the neighbors car in front of their house this morning, so we wait some more and don’t answer the door if it’s VERY nice neighbor little girl, who is the rightful owner of Tangerine. But really all in all, it’s not as bad as VERY nice neighbor’s wife who was dog sitting another neighbor’s dog and the dog died on her watch. She told this to us as we were going out of town and they were watching our cats. I guess what goes around comes around.

7 thoughts on “Pet sitting Karma

  1. I’m thinking that if Heaven is perfect…and it should be…then yes.

    If Bhuddist, nope, re-run.

    I have dim memory of first roommate running over my dog, I had to babysit her Siamese Fighting Fish later on and while half asleep topped the little bowl with hot tap water, I felt bad.

    And I did flush and apologize.

  2. OMG – that’s too funny. OK, too funny for me, I’m guessing not so much for you.

    But still – I’m LMAO here… health care directive? Good one!

    Oh, and you really should try to figure out whatever it is your husband does at work. It might come in handy some day.

  3. Leo wants to know if you thought about sashimi?

    You should put a warning at the beginning, I had a perfectly good wine spray out my nose from laughing……

  4. New Prowler?.. nah, that things pretty old… they’re pretty goofy looking to… like a bumblebee… or trundlebed… or something that would have the letters “undle” in it…

  5. Girlie has a little fish cemetary beside our house. She could have given you the scoop on proper fish funeral etiquette. Apparently they get no more than a 30 second eulogy. Cats and dogs would get more and people of course get the longest. Girlie refuses to flush dead fish because she likes the idea of little fishy ghosts swimming around our house.

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