Fun with Friday

I ran across this site where Bible stories are portrayed with Legos…how appropriate. All the parts fit together and there’s no controversy whatsoever.

There was this one website I found that Barbie is in all sorts of compromising situations. ME? I wouldn’t put Barbie in a blender and take photos. If I were going to be creative with Barbie, I would make Road Construction Barbie. She would wear an orange vest, Carhartts and Doc Martens and smoke cigarettes while twirling a stop/ slow sign. Oh yes, she would have a sporty hard hat to cover those precious locks too. My Road Construction Barbie, would have a smoke induced gravelly voice that shouts out, “slow down asshole, this ain’t the Indy 500” to any and all drivers. Orange Caution cones, not included. Minutes of fun!

Then there’s this guy…I hope he had good shoes. I’m thinking spikes when he walks/rolls down hill. How the hell does he stop? Get in? Pee? And mostly WHY?

4 thoughts on “Fun with Friday

  1. I should take my camera to work. The North End of Boise has the wierdest shit!!!!! Some guy is making these huge twine balls, leaving them in his front yard (don’t know hwomany) like this guy is walking in. Then just down the same road is a car that a huge tree fell on last year. The tree is gone the car is still there, with this huge dip in the roof where the tree had sat. Not sure what they are going to do with the car, but I will miss it when it is gone.

  2. That guy in the ball — maybe it’s a form of transmitter and he’s hoping to be abducted by aliens. I’m all for it. Take him! Take him!

  3. Just a reminder folks, this was found on the internet, repeat after me…Photo Shop…


    There is a circular hatch located near his head. Flip up, step out. ??

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