Round 3, and that’s it!

I have one more set of questions to answer from my sweet friend Wendy. I have been visiting this blog for a very long time….she is a great author, artist and mom, go visit.

1. If we were playing the game, are you a Truth or a Dare person? I’m not much of a Dare person so I would have to say Truth, always Truth. It seems most people avoid Truth because the don’t want to lie, I have nothing to lie about.

2. If money were no object, where would you go on your next vacation? I love the idea of going on the Orient Express, I think that would have to win out over a tropical island somewhere…for the time being.

3. What clubs did you belong to in high school? In spite of being a big Geek, I was not in any computer clubs…they hadn’t been invented yet. BUT. I was in choir, Pep club, girls basketball manager, (you know stats and stuff) and I was even in track where I threw a mean shot put. I was under this false impression that I was some sort of hulk, um, I wasn’t.

4. What’s your favorite garden plant? Why? I love a lilac tree. I caught my first scent of the lilac yesterday and just like times in the past it rushes me back to my grandmas house in Idaho, where her yard was littered with Lilacs bushes. I love that.

5. If you had to vote for president today, who would you choose? WOW, heavy question. We just saw the movie “BOBBY” over the weekend and by watching that it made me long for a politician that actually answers questions instead of dance around with all sorts of political buzz words. Therefore I would have to answer John Edwards, he has answered even the so called tough questions.

thanks, this has been fun, stay tuned for our regularly scheduled program.

8 thoughts on “Round 3, and that’s it!

  1. Excellent! Thanks for playing, Carla. I love your answers. I think the Orient Express sounds fascinating too.

  2. 5 interview questions from R;
    1: what would be the topic at a lunch with God?
    2: sci fi or fantasy?
    3: teal peacock blue or tasty pinwheel mint? and why.
    4: favorite fantasy relative
    5: least favorite family vacation?

  3. 1. I never have lunch with strangers.
    2. I like when it’s both.
    3. Teal peacock blue, it’s funner to say.
    4. Our relative or a relative in a book or movie?
    5. The one where mom came up here and stayed WAY too long.

  4. Remember when we were all religious and everything? First just to get out of the house…we were so obnoxious. Well I was at anyrate.

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