Mini Holiday

Hi remember me, I’m the one that usually makes little stories to read. But lately when I get up from my computer where I have been working all day, I don’t feel like sitting there any longer. So I haven’t, until today. Please pardon my absence.

A few weeks ago I called one of my clients in Portland Oregon to set a time to come down and make a presentation on new items. The date I was given was, Monday April 30th at 8am. Hmmm, from where I usually get out of bed that is (on a good traffic day) a 3 hour drive. So I cajoled my Sweet husband into taking Monday off and we left Sunday morning and headed south. We stopped at a groovy little place for breakfast and then were at our hotel just before noon. We met up with my Sweet brother and his Sweet wife and decided to get in the car and drive some more. (I need a more physical job, with way less sitting) It had also been my Sweet Brother’s B-day the day before, so we came well prepared with a card. I love these people, it has been a gift to us that they have moved closer and we get to see each other on occasion. They are fun, well educated, well travelled and most of all a kick in the pants to be with. Needless to say we laugh alot when we are together.

I have been in and around the Portland area for several years and there is always one thing that I’ve wanted to do once something was finalized. For years I would drive to the various points of business and as we often do, see something of interest. In the early 90’s I would drive by an extremely large building and finally found that it was housing the ‘parts’ of the airplane with the largest wingspan. Since stumbling across the huge warehouse of airplane parts, I had wanted to go to the see the largest wooden airplane ever built…the Spruce Goose and it has taken up until last Sunday to do just that. The building was built, the airplane was reassembled and we were there to see it…everything was finalized. The day was gorgeous and really to nice to be inside, but the building was so large and airy, I didn’t really notice.

What I did notice however was how freakin huge this airplane is, and frankly notice is an understatement, a word usually reserved for, “hey, I noticed the top of your underwear sticking out over your pants”. The picture that I attached was taken from a mezzanine level, from the furtherest corner so I could get a better prespective. I invite you to click on the picture to make it larger and take it all in. Now notice all the other aircraft in the photo, count how many there are. There are at least that many on all sides as well as additional ones tucked in and around. There are several differnt modes of flight hanging from the ceiling and even more outside. They are all about air travel at this place. I guess I have an affinity for airplanes from my dad and uncle. My uncle was in the air force as a pilot and my dad was training to get his license. As a memento from my dad’s life I have his log book. I like to look at it and imagine those little trips he took from airport to airport. I don’t know if he ever got his license, but my oldest sweet sister did. I guess it kind of runs in the family.

If you haven’t already seen the movie Aviator, check it out. It is about Howard Hughs and the building of the H-4 Flying Boat, the offical name of the Spruce Goose, a nick name Howard Hughs hated. As we were watching a film clip on the resortation of the airplane, it occured to me that the preservation of this airplane is not unlike what my Sweet husband and I want to do with some historic property. We want to be good stewards somewhere, not for us but for the sake of history. Well heck, if it weren’t for history, none of us would be here.

3 thoughts on “Mini Holiday

  1. That sounds like a great trip, I would have loved to have seen it. Now I’ll have to watch the Aviator…been meaning to see it for a while now any way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love getting new readers and finding new blogs to read myself!

  2. Minorpoint of clarification; I never completed flight school and never got my license to fly. I did solo and performed a few take off and landings before I completely chickened out. I discovered I was completely lost up there, zero sense of direction, why create a potential crash?

  3. Hi Carla. Dad said you visited his blog last week so he asked me to stop by and check yours out. Cool! I did see the aviator but I got bored because there wasn’t a single tomcat in the entire movie. What’s up with that??

    Can I get a belly rub? MEOW!!

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