Feelin Puny

I did another trip to Portland on Sunday to attend a meeting on Monday morning. That is soooo old. I don’t like to leave home on a pretty Sunday afternoon to go sit in a hotel 250 miles from home. One could say it makes me cranky.

So after the meeting I had another meeting or two and hit the road to arrive back at our hacienda around 4:30. My Sweet Husband grilled us a burger and we sat outside enjoying the fine weather, company and conversation. All was going along well until about 11:30pm. I had been in bed about an hour and a half and I was freezing. I just couldn’t get warm. I got up to visit the sand box, when all of a sudden I was in trouble. That’s trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with pee and that would have been pleasant if that’s all that happened. But my bodily functions were out of control and leaking everywhere. I am only going to assume it wasn’t a pretty sight and from what I hear, it wasn’t smelling like the lilacs in bloom either. Well I spent a restless night and a nap filled day and I’m heading off to bed and see if I can sleep this thing off, I have things to do. Aren’t you glad you tuned in today? I didn’t think so.

6 thoughts on “Feelin Puny

  1. sorry to hear that…

    hope you’re feeling better…

    I don’t regularly post bathroom reports… mine are often to gruesome for public exposure…

  2. I’m actually feeling human today, I will go for a drive and sell stuff.

    J mon- I usually steer clear of bathroom issues, I tried to handle this one delicately.

    Gale- couldn’t quite handle alcohol right now, but that certainly was not the cause.

  3. Sounds lick a classic case of food poisoning to me, a good purging is about the only cure and you sound like the cure has been administered already, clear liquids and force fluids for a day, then you will be all better.

  4. LIKE not lick, LIKE. Reminds me of a meeting a couple years ago, we were approving the previous months minutes. Mr. Z asked me, “Royce what kind of computer are you using?” I mumbled, “The usual kind”. He went on to say, “On page 3, paragraph 4 you have written “lick on icon”. “

  5. Thanks for sharing. I always try to write a bathroom story whenever I’m presented the opportunity, so I can appreciate this.

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