It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

HEY, look what showed up this morning, the sun. This is what happens with a little watering and some hard work. Yeah, I loves my garden.

Did I mention we are going to remodel the kitchen? Yes, you are right I will go on about that for a while, with photos. But first I have to get my breath back from the cost of the cabinets alone. YIKES!!! Let’s just say that our taste is much more impressive than our budget. Do you think the kitchen would look funny with only new upper cabinets?

Then there’s always the project you have to do first in order to do the one you want to do. huh? In our case the initial project is: move the hot water heater, install a tank less water heater on the outside wall(collect $300 from the US government for being so dangity environmentally conscious) and then make a hole in the wall where the hot water heater was to make room for the refrigerator, all with help from Al, the hopefully trusty plumber.

But wait…I’ve also decided to clog our summer with various parties and out of town for multiple days in a row, trips. Am I mental, I do believe so. Stay tuned kids, the rides gonna leave soon.

6 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  1. I will stay tuned. I was freakin’ out about my summer, but I think reading about yours will calm me considerably!

  2. No, Gale, that’s just for the cabinets, at Lowe’s no less. WE are looking elsewhere. My sweet husband will do 99% installation, with me as his trusty side kick.. should I set up the Video camera?

  3. We’re in the same boat. We want to replace our crappy linoleum floor with ceramic tile. But first… need to replace the countertop with new granite surface, which won’t match the cabinet doors, which won’t match the wall color, etc. etc. etc.

  4. Ah home renovation. What fun! Nothing brings people closer together while at the same time drives them absolutely insane!

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