…she’s like me, but with better teeth

My very sweet sister Gale has asked to interview me. Who should know me better than even my Sweet husband, but my sister. Afterall she is the one I went to war with, fought over books with, shadowed at high school, avoided at high school and truly respect now after all of those goofy things. I invite you to visit her blog, she’s got a doosey.

1. Ever thought about just letting your hair going natural? bah hah ha ha ha ha Uh, no, not ever! When I first read this question all I saw was a grey haired frizzy studded doofus with glasses and that took me right back to 7th grade, except for the grey part.

2. Ever been in a situation that could have compromised your standards? I’m gonna say no. I do not have a hard time getting out of a situation that some one more passive might agree too. I’ve been in what might be perfectly acceptable situations, when all of a sudden my Spidy senses kick in and I get up and leave. I do not put up with what might be uncompromising. NO, is an answer too.

3. Do you have any regrets? Only one, that I haven’t stayed with rowing. I love rowing and it was the one and only time I actually felt like an athlete. But rowing is a forgiving sport and would take me back in a minute OR 4 months when I can loose enough weight to fit in a boat.

4. What is the most daring thing you ever did? I am SO not a dare devil. I drive the speed limit. I go to bed before 10pm. I answer email. I answer voice mail. I look bothways when I cross the street. OK, I thought of one. When I was pulling out of a parking space today I didn’t buckle my seat belt until I was in the flow of traffic. oooooooooh!!!!

5. What are you afraid of? Be boring!

10 thoughts on “…she’s like me, but with better teeth

  1. At age 2 you were terrified of jet aircraft flying over head.

    Also regarding hair, have you ever had someone straight iron it for you? I watched it done on “Shear Genius” on Bravo. Very interesting technique.

  2. The time has for questions… Spud demands answers… and maybe a beer…

    Numba 1… Do you have a routine?.. if so, describe it to me…

    Numba 2… I live about 500 feet from an air field and many drunk people… have you ever lived somewhere loud and obnoxious?.. describe your own “Kunsan” to me…

    Numero 3… now in espanol… I don’t really know espanol… but anyways, If you were stranded in Mexico, do you think you could find your way home?

    Numba 4… Tell me a funny story about my The Mom…

    Numba 5… What do know of Korea?.. have you ever tried Korean cuisine?.. I know that there many Korean eateries in Seattle… hit me with your Korea knowledge…

  3. Thank you for answering my questions. Now see it wasn’t all bad. And sweetpea, you will never be boring.
    I love to pieces

  4. oh and as for my dental regime….mentadent with an oralB brush, floss pics and every 5 years a dentist vist. 😉

  5. Spud; The only Korean food I ever ate was in Barrow Alaska at a place owned and operated by a Korean family. Papa-san sang in the kitchen what I liked to call Korean Opera, and the Korean Beef dish was delish!! Auntie R

    Oh and my own Kunsan was a downstairs apartment, people there like to sing a long with very loud obnoxious rap….VERY LOUD.

  6. Duh, I never made the connection that you and Gale were sisters. I’m sure there were clues or posts that I missed over time, but I’m kind of thick in the head so it doesn’t surprise me I missed that.

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