I’m ready for my close up!

As you recall there have been a bunch of people interviewing a bunch of people in their Blogs. Well my very Sweet Nephew wanted to interview me. I invite you to check out his blog, it is now open for general consideration. He is quite funny, a bit sarcastic (me likes) and he is in the Air Force stationed in Korea. I love him like the nephew he is. I got to see him for approximately 15 minutes last September when were all in Idaho, so it’s been a while. I love this blog thing because it makes great relationships all the better with the daily bantering around and the battle of wits. So without further delay, questions from the J-mon.

Aunty, the has time has for questions… Spud demands answers… and maybe a beer…

Numba 1… Do you have a routine?.. if so, describe it to me…

I usually get up between 5:30-6am. I make my bed immediately upon arising. I stagger to the kitchen to make coffee, pass out kitty treats, bee line for the bathroom to tinkle, take a shower, do hair, do makeup…boring!
A man walks into a bar…

Numba 2… I live about 500 feet from an air field and many drunk people… have you ever lived somewhere loud and obnoxious?.. describe your own “Kunsan” to me…

When I was in college I lived in the teensiest little apartment. It was a room with a bathroom, a make believe kitchen and a bathroom where you had to sit side ways to, well sit. I slept on a hide a bed and I had bad TV reception. I think this was the first time I ever lived alone and I liked it. BUT, my apartment was separated ONLY by a very unsoundproof door. Although the girls living next door were attending the same college, which as you might recall was rather restrictive in it’s accepted behavior of it’s students, they were very LOUD partiers. These girls however did not subscribe to this line of behavioral suggestions. They in fact had the party house. It was the closest thing to a frat house but with girls as one could get. My fondest memories are when they eventually moved out…..I slept so well that night.

Numero 3… now in espanol… I don’t really know espanol… but anyways, If you were stranded in Mexico, do you think you could find your way home?

Sí, mi casa no puede seguir siendo vacía para muy de largo. Mi tirón interno hacia el norte se rendiría pues un perro perdido que las aplicaciones él son instintos a conseguir caseros.
I sure hope that means, what I want it to mean.

Numba 4… Tell me a funny story about my The Mom…

Again another college story…your mother had never been to Disneyland so we arranged a trip for the both of us to go with a group of kids from school. She flew down and met us there and we had a groovy time, she was giddy the whole time. We were walking around and I was seeing scads of kids I knew and talking with them, but she was feeling a little left out, I could tell. In spite of that, we were still having fun. All of a sudden, this gorgeous man walked past us, stopped and said,”Gale?” She stopped, turned and her jaw dropped as she laid eyes on the most hunkiest guy we went to high school with. In fact I had had a crunch on him since 8th grade, but as it turns out my deepest suspicions were true. He had no idea I even existed. He only had eyes and chat for Gale. I was awestruck too, but without the ability to speak. I think I squeaked out in my deepest guttural voice, “I’m Gale’s sister”. I sounded as retarded as I felt. I think I received a cursory glance; he didn’t even flash me that heart stopping smile. So karma played nice to both of us, they continued to make small talk with hugs and everything. They finished chatting, I tethered your mom to my wrist and off we went to Space Mountain….how appropriate.

Numba 5… What do know of Korea?.. have you ever tried Korean cuisine?.. I know that there many Korean eateries in Seattle… hit me with your Korea knowledge…

Most of what I learned about Korea I learned by watching MASH. Well not really but those are my fondest memories. I have been more religious about watching MASH than actually attending church, but I think it was more about the show than the actual country, and definitely a determined dislike of church.
I can’t say that I have knowingly had Korean food. I don’t know why..perhaps that’s what I will do today while I am out and about. When my friend Sam was pregnant her downstairs neighbors were Korean and her nausea was inflamed when they cooked what she was certain was fish, cabbage and human shit. Yum! I hold out for my own opinion on the food sector.

Thanks J-mon, this has been fun! Don’t you just love the internets? We’ll save you a Mitch’s Mud or two.

5 thoughts on “I’m ready for my close up!

  1. On getting out of bed, do you let sweet husband up then make the bed or do you just pull the covers up and over him???

  2. This is too funny. Here’s how Yahoo translator interpreted your Spanish:

    Yes, my house cannot continue being empty for very of length. My internal pull towards the north would surrender because a lost dog that the applications he are instincts to obtain homemade.

    Nice try 😉

  3. Gale, I have wondered why hasn’t been going to work…dang it!

    Vegas princess- I LOVE that I can stay in touch with many members of my family.

    Harmonica Man, what I actually wrote was a run on sentence that was then translated, “Yes, my house cannot remain empty for very long. My internal pull northward would render itself as a lost dog that uses it’s instincts to get home.
    I thought of then translating it into Korean…hmmm

  4. I too had one of those apartments where you had to sit sideways in the loo. Funny how you find yourself sitting sideways when you’re not even in the place.

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