Nerd tools!

As I’ve stated previously I love the internets. I can find anything…like tile patterns, finger steak batter recipe or the time and date that Ronald Regan died. Which by the way was 3:09pm June 5th 2004. Why the diddle would I want to know that, you ask? Well, because I was poking around in my sweet husband’s drawers (NOT THOSE) and found the ticket stub for a tour we had of the Capitol Building in Washington DC. The date on the ticket was June 5th 2004 at 3:00pm. It was a cool tour and I recall vividly standing in the rotunda listening to the guide tell us that that last president to lie in state was Lyndon Johnson. Although Nixon had been the most recent former president to die, Richard Nixon’s family had opted to have him lie in repose in California. But that’s a whole nother matter. The Capitol tour was educational as most stuff is in DC and afterwards we headed back to our room where we learned that while we were touring the Capitol, Ronald Reagan had died, nine minutes into our tour. The death of this former president turned the whole city upside down and we couldn’t wait to get out before all the pomp and circumstances started. This was one of those I will always remember where I was when such and such happened.

I say all that to say this….I love the internets. I love finding cool sites and finding the answer to an obscure question. Here are a couple of sights that I want to share with you. These are updated quite regularly and I hope you enjoy them. Mount St Helen’s cam…..way cool and a great indicator of the weather coming our way. Another one is the Space Needle cam. I don’t go there a lot, I usually just look around right where I’m at, without paying the hefty sum to lift me higher. There are also links to cams for Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium and Pioneer Square. I don’t really know why there would be a camera at Pioneer Square, it’s usually just homeless people peeing on the sidewalks and frankly I don’t want to see that….but you might. If you are feeling particularly voyeuristic check out this website with scads of webcams all over the world.

3 thoughts on “Nerd tools!

  1. I love the internet. For a while I would be bop around just looking at pictures and videos. Now I am hooked on reading blogs. There are some great writers out there.

  2. Did you find my son’s basement cam? No you didn’t. He put one up a few weeks ago but I made him take it down because I thought it was creepy that people could look into my house – AND, he never cleans up the basement so I didn’t want people to think (know) we are slobs!

  3. Carla, just wanted to stop by to thank you for visiting my blog a couple of weeks ago. I meant to stop by sooner but obviously didn’t. 😦

    You’re in Washington state. Cool! I spent some time out in Whidbey Island a long time ago. I got to spend a bit of time in Seattle. I think it rained the entire time I was there. And I couldn’t see the top of Mt. Rainer because it was too cloudy.

    But I still enjoyed it! Nice blog you have here on the internets! 🙂

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