Can’t really tell what the pic is, can you!

I think I’m Disney’d out. After going to PoorLando last year and experiencing all things Disney, I’m not so sure old Walt would have been so proud of how things have turned out in either place. Upon entering Disneyland the other day, which actually seems like a lifetime ago, Sweet Husband and I were walking around and came upon something called “Innoventions” or something like that. We were in Tomorrow Land so you know it was gonna be something special, uh huh! We looked at each other, saw no line, shrugged our shoulders and headed for the entrance. Did I say ‘no line’? Um, that would be the first clue as to what should have been total hesitation. It was fairly early on a Saturday but ‘no line’ was a good indicator of total crap. We waited for the door to makes it’s way to us, we stepped into the concave rotating wedge and watched some lame futuristic robot tell us all the cool things we were going to see, like computers and TV’s and telephones, even computerized sports and the very latest x-box games provided by Microsoft. Wait, I’m on vacation, I don’t want my computer, a TV or be within several miles of my cell phone. We were trapped on the circle when the robot did the Disneyest of Disney, he broke into song. Yup, a chirpy happy sappy song, about something I’ve flushed from my mind.

Next the door opened, to yet another room and even before Robot dude was finished singing we were ushered into a room where a perky young girl was telling us how cool Tomorrow land was when it was first introduced in the early 60’s. They even had the first speaker phone in Tomorrow Land, which was not unlike the new LC Chocolate Cell phone that I have here, she presented to us to see. WTF!!!! I’m here less than 15 minutes and the advertising is so blatant that I want to puke. I know, what did I expect…Snow White and a bowl of strawberries? I guess I didn’t expect it to be so in my face. We baled on the yapping little lady and wandered into the rest of the Corporate sponsored rooms. Hey, I could check out Google earth, um I do that at home. I could examine my nutrition on line…again at home! Ok, so I’ve been living under a rock and don’t know all there is to know about things on the internets, but I get around. Suffice it to say, we were not trapped as we feared and walked out.
I don’t know which one of us said it, but, “that’s fifteen minutes of our lives we’ll never get back”

I figured out today that my mom was 48 when she took us to Disneyland for the first time and that’s how old I am now, weird coincidence or just simple math? Recently I saw some video of when we were there in 1975. O My GAWD I truly think I look older in that video than I do now. I was wearing some gawdawful floppy white hat, polyster pants, that my mom made and a halter top that my mom made and some dorky shoes. Did I mention that I most likely had an afro, because I had out-of-control-hair. In spite of my best efforts the hat must have been been ascue atop that mass of hair. I don’t think it was tied under my chin though. Stylin!!!

I couldn’t recall my mom riding the Matterhorn, but remembered the Haunted Mansion, cuz she pinched my ass when the lights went out and It’s a small World where we were all so enthralled, with the lovely tune. So folks, when your are 48 or remember back when you were 48 did you ride as many rides as you could when you were at Disneyland? My Sweet Husband did, just ask him. I have to ask mom if she remembers riding the rides…hell she probably won’t remember if she went to Albertson’s this morning. Just a thought!

5 thoughts on “Can’t really tell what the pic is, can you!

  1. You are an astronaut!!! I remember the Matterhorn and the weird way I sat with some guy. I am pretty sure he still dreams of that. ick!

  2. I remember a much earlier Disneyland trip, late 50’s, Dad put change in an Octagon blue plastic bank all summer and it held about $35.00 total and that was what it took to get us into D-land at that time. I think you were there but perhaps only in utero, but I too have failing memory and am not sure. It was fun, we actually ate a very expensive ice cream dessert at one point, I believe Richard ate something in the shape of a frontier fort. The Dumbo ride was broken,we waited for hours. I saw the ORIGINAL House of the future but don’t remember much of it. Mom and Dad wouldn’t let us take the fancy “freeway” car rides even though we were tall enough. We did the jungle ride and plastic hippo, walked everywhere until collapse.

  3. We’ve been to both coasts and have had enough. I don’t care if I ever see the mouse again. There’s SO many better things to do with your time and money in these towns!

  4. I remember the 50’s trip, I don’t how but I do. Seem’s like that was in 56 of 57. Didn’t make it back until 72, Walt had venue sponsors long before every ball park in the country was named after a phone company. And they still rape you for the ticket money.

  5. I haven’t been to Disneyland yet but I went to Disney World when I was in the 8th grade. We went on every single ride…except It’s a Small World. We got enough of that song while standing in line for the mine ride…too much.

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