In Abstensia…

HEY!!!! Guess What? I haven’t been around a computer lately to view email, to catch the news, to write blogs. I have been in a car canvasing the state of Washington’s suppliers of food for potential customers. But guess what again??????? Huh Huh hUh, give up? I’m on vacation now and I can do anything thing I freakin want. Well except for Saturday we’re going on the Lake Forest Park secret garden tour, then we are going to the Mother in laws new house, 45 minutes away, (yeah I can’t wait to get in a car again after 800 miles the past 3 days)then we might get to stay home that night and then we have Father’s day on Sunday. Sunday, being a day that I hope won’t live up to the disappointment that Sweet Daughter and I have experienced in trying to find his fatherly reward of the year. But I will keep you posted on that as he sometimes reads this blog.

Come Monday we are going to start tearing the shit out of the kitchen and rebuild it with some groovy updated stuff. I will also keep you posted on that as well.

Like the picture? It’s called Iron Horses Monument in Vantage Washington. Yup, life size horse running off a cliff….excellent. (no animals were harmed in the writing of this blog, ironing of horses or whatever…..

5 thoughts on “In Abstensia…

  1. Yea! Vacation! Have fun! That picture is beautiful…I had never heard of it before. Is it modeled after a real event or just some artist’s idea?

  2. well, beautiful in the sense those are not real horses jumping to their death…I just realized how that sounded.

  3. Leo wanted me to tell you that if you are tearing the “shit” out of the kitchen, you might have a plumbing problem.

    His sense of humor is a little dry sometimes.

    We have made additional progress on our new bathroom, we have a wall up now. YEAH..

  4. It’s a good thing to have a new kitchen, because every party I’ve ever been has always ended up there.

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