Vacation from paying work only!

I used to live in a house that when it came time to paint it after the house fire(another story for another day)stupid boyfriend picked out the color November Sky. Close your eyes and visualize all the greys of the world all swirled together into one ball of nothingness. You’re there aren’t you. It’s a super wet combination of cold cool greyish blue vast wasteland of color. We live in Seattle did we really need to blend into the elements with an obvious lack of personality? I hated that color, it was like the sky in November…all grey and moist.

So today I look out and what the hell do I see? Yes you are correct, November Sky on June 18th, when it’s supposed to be warm, somewhere above 55 degrees. Yet, I’m being generous. I just checked the local temp 8 seconds ago and it’s 50 degrees. Did I tell you the other part? Today is the first day of a week long vacation at home. Ugh! I just stated to Sweet husband we have some free tickets and the week off, let’s get the hell out of Dodge. Whaaaa!

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