6 thoughts on “All in a days work

  1. What the hell? I couldn’t hear anything so I am thnking these guys are nuts. I would however like to ride a helicopter like that, sign me up.

  2. I am working at wimpy PC today at work, apparently does not have all the bells and whistles for viewing video, will try at home. see ya!

  3. I always wondered how these services the power lines in the middle of nowehere. Like the ones in the middle of the desert or up on mountains. How neat!

  4. Okay finally viewed the clip at home on my PC with all the bells and whistles. What did that guy do exactly except scoot along some highly electrified wires? Did he fix anything? Inquiring minds want to know. I do know that you just don’t run up to a helicopter that is coming to rescue you, it has developed quite an electrical charge and that energy must be discharged before you fry your hair. More useless trivia.

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