Things that make you go WTF!

My sister tagged me and wants me to put on public display 7 things about me. I think it’s a ploy to find me in a compromising position where I confess something from my past. Yeah, I think I’ll take that approach…she’s clever that one.

1. I am 48 years old and never smoked pot or participated in recreational drugs. In fact the only drug that I did take for years was only to enhance a recreational display of affection….birth control you goof balls. I have also never smoked cigarettes….ick! I can’t stand cigarette smoke and am wonderfully pleased with the state of Washington to ban indoor smoking.

2. I am a control freak. I think that might be most of the reason I’ve never done drugs or smoked pot, from what I understand ones ability to make mindful decision are impaired when imbibing. duh, I have a hard enough time deciphering reality, God only knows how I would do in a make believe world.

3. By me being a control freak resulted in the harshest words I hope to ever hear from my Sweet Husband. He called me a fusspot once. I KNOW!! I was shocked to hear such talk. When he delivered this statement I laughed as hard as I could, considering he was helping me out of the bathtub. He was helping me as I had recently had surgery to repair a hernia. I tried so hard not to laugh but I couldn’t help myself…it was funny. My insides were going to spill out on the floor if he continued with the humor. He stopped the funny business but I never did get a retraction. I warn him that he can never use a stronger term….fusspot is the limit. That sounds just like a control freak doesn’t it?

4. I used to be religious. I actually attended a Christian liberal art college, travelled the world in a 48 voice choir, blah blah blah. Now….you’d have to pay me to get me into church…end of story. I don’t think this has anything to do with the lack of drugs in my life…a lot of the kids I knew in college grew pot in their dorm rooms. “Why what a lovely plant that is” the RD’s would say.

5. I have really cool ideas in my head but have a hard time articulating what I want them to look like or how something might work. I have a little artist trapped in the makings of my middle aged body, trying to get out. I can’t draw to save my life, I can’t paint unless it’s a solid color and I tried pottery once (which is NOT like trying pot) and I made the heaviest ceramic tea pot on the face of the planet. I am however a good appreciator of art. When I was in fifth grade we had art history and I loved it, I continued that interest into college where I took as many art and music history classes as I could. That alone makes me truly useless in the work a day world.

6. I’ve been fired from a job as a receptionist where all I had to do was answer the phone….that hurt. Yet on the other hand I’ve had the responsibility of managing millions of dollars worth of inventory and was begged not to leave, when time came to move on. And no, I didn’t leave the buying job to take the receptionist job.

7. I’m still on vacation and this seems way too much like work right now. I think it’s all the typing so I’m leaving this now. adieu

I will now take your questions.

8 thoughts on “Things that make you go WTF!

  1. In comment on number five. God created artists and audiences. You and I are firmly in the audience. Who would applaud, who would appreciate, who would kevtch?You make a LOVELY audience, lets here a round of applause!!

  2. Fusspot? How dare he!

    Reminds me of the term “Fussbudget” that Lucy (from Peanuts) use to say all the time. “Oh, quit being such a fussbudget!” I can’t say that I’ve ever heard that term used anywhere else.

  3. I’m a control freak too. That is why being a director fits me so well. 🙂

    I used to go to church too and now I don’t. Not because my faith is gone or I believe less but because I have discovered organized religion does not work with my faith. Perhaps it goes back to the control freak thing…I can’t stand people telling me what to do or believe.

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