Progre$$ comes in stages

Well today is Friday June 22nd. Usually Fridays in our house are cause for celebration. It’s the end of a work week and we look forward to the short weekends, as do many of you. However, Friday, and it’s short weekend to follow, only remind us of how much we haven’t gotten accomplished on the kitchen remodel. The posted photo is the most current. Lovely isn’t it. We haven’t had any expensive surprises, to I consider that ahead of the game. Yea, there wasn’t ANY fucking insulation on the outside wall, but we can change that. There is a 4 inch gap at the top of the outside wall, where if there were a window, one would want to see that daylight or experience the natural air flow. Again easily fixed.

When we first started this process we made an appointment to sit with one of the kitchen designers at our nearest home improvement stores. We showed up early, looked at the choices sat down with George and in about 45 minutes he had our kitchen looking as good as new. We loved what we saw, except for one thing…the price. Cabinets alone were about 16,000. Gulp, that’s only about 6000 over the entire budget. Get back to work George….ok now it’s 14,000. Clearly we are going to have to have a different plan. We still have to do a floor, counter tops and the back splash. No it didn’t matter that we were going to do all the work ourselves. But we didn’t want to go broke in the process. As I see it the benefit to having a new kitchen is actually using it, and by going to the poor house…

Anyway, we came home reviewed our options and decided that the one thing we did want to do was move the refrigerator to make room for new cabinets and counter. DONE! Now on to the next decision. Quick to the Batmobile-let’s check out IKEA. Since we had the groovy plans in hand from George we took them to IKEA and figured out that we could get all that we wanted for about 4000. Now that’s more like it. Yeah, I know we’d have to spend the rest of our lifetime putting them together, but time is money folks. Now before you start thinking that I’m some cheap ass I have to affirm to you that I am not made of money. We are thrifty, but wait it gets better.

On Tuesday of this week we still hadn’t determined what type of flooring to have…tile, yes let’s do tile….how about wood floors, they are so pretty….nope, definitely tile, that’s our best option. So we head off to south of downtown Seattle to all the flooring shops. (I didn’t know there was a flooring district in Seattle). We pop into the one closest to the car, walk in chat with the sales girl and walk out lighter in the pocket book with a new product called congloeum, a combination ceramic and resin product, which by the way is neither tile or wood. This product is ideal for us because our floor moves…alot. Excellent, more on that later.

About two doors down from the flooring store was a new store boasting cabinets and granite for excellent prices. We had gone there on Monday and decided to get George’s very accurate plans and see what we could find at this store. We walked out with very well made cherry cabinets, granite counter tops AND installation, for right at $6000. In fact we have to hurry and put the floor in because they are scheduled to start on July 1st, which is a Sunday by the way….isn’t that exciting?

I have only the teeniest of things nagging at me. This fine cabinetry and granite is imported from China and purchased in huge quantities, therefore the prices are quite reasonable. I suspect that of the several stores in the area that we’ve seen they are all affiliated with each other, but when asked they said no. Anyhoo….what with US jobs being exported everyday, I have a problem with this importing stuff. But then I thought, what is the difference in importing from China or Sweden, where IKEA comes from. I guess nothing. It does make me very sad that I can’t afford to purchase items made here at home so someone else can have a job here. I have to take solace in the fact sales people, installers and delivery drivers are working here.

So to make a long story longer…we will have a new kitchen soon, but I best get back to work now. We still have to install a sub floor, insulate, drywall, some electrical work, paint, I think you get the picture. Hey one more thing, don’t forget to check out the Flickr box on the right hand side…I’ll be posting more photos. I’m considering a webcam for our next project….would anyone tune in?

5 thoughts on “Progre$$ comes in stages

  1. Tool belt diva! Hope you only paid 1/3 to order, 1/3 half way through the job and 1/3 on satisfactory completion! Web cam!!

  2. Sounds like you are trucking right along. Although that picture you posted did not come up on my computer. Guess I will have to wait to see the results.

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