Monster House

Today, Saturday June 30th, 2007th we finished the floors. They are layed out, grouted, and we don’t have to seal this type of flooring, which is actually called DuraCeramic. We were a bit intimidated at first, but after the first few rows of laying and grouting in places where we could experiment and have these rows not be seen…we were experts. My lower back hurts, my hands are sore and Sweet Husband needs a massage, but we now have a new floor. You know what that means? We can finish sanding, do some sanding and when that’s done, try our hand at sanding and then prime that walls and paint. The cabinets have been pushed out a day so they will be installed on Monday. It’s a good thing Sweet Husband can be here Monday….keeping you posted because I Know you all can’t wait.

9 thoughts on “Monster House

  1. So I would assume that this kind of all out remodeling means that you would not sell for a long long long long time…..

  2. Did you go to the laundramat? Or drop off the undies at the local cleaners during this upheaval. Nosy, but hey if you don’t ask…..

  3. We washed all our clothes just before we ripped out the laundry room. I went to the laundromat once and I just folded my fist load of towels from the new and improved laundry room. Pics forthcoming.

  4. I’ve recently been through renos. I feel for you. The end feels fabulous, but the process sometimes just about kills ya. Great floors.

  5. If the floors are in anyway a hint of even better things to come then let’s see more! Ok, it’s Monday right now for me but ehrrr…being that you’re several hours behind, I suppose I’ll have to wait until Tuesday. πŸ˜‰

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