It’s 4th of July Everywhere!

I’m going to take a little different approach to this ‘holiday’ blog. I’ve been tagged by Flumadiddle and who am I to disappoint. She wants to know 8 or so random things about me and since I did that not long ago, I’m still going to do this but with a Independence Day slant. Shall we?

1. I have a love/hate relationship with the American Flag. When the American Flag is presented at a funeral as was the case when a flag was presented to my mom at my Dad’s Military memorial service, this is a time when I especially love the Flag.
A couple of years ago when Sweet Husband and I were in a little town in Eastern Washington a parade was passing on the road outside the house we were staying. As the colors were presented I started crying. I had suddenly recalled as a child attending parades with my family that my dad always stood and saluted the flag. I was overcome with nostalgia and it was an emotional moment for me.
So the hate part you ask? When the American Flag is worn as clothes. Hey, it’s just one girls opinion, but I think the tackiness is elevated to new heights when the American Flag is used as attire. Take for instance the Rex Kwan do American Flag pants. Nothing says America like these bad boys. Forgetaboutit!!!

2. When I was a little girl, for the public 4th of July fireworks we would all pile into the station wagon just before dusk, make our way to the “drive in” movie parking lot, and watch the fire works there. I think that must have been a big deal because I don’t remember going very often. I’m sure we were told that Emmett could only afford to have fireworks every other year or so.

3. The first time I met my future step daughter was on July 4th 2000. Sweet Boyfriend and I had decided to go the Big all day party at Lake Union with about a jillion other people. Sweet step daughter brought along a friend, we had foods, drinks, blankets, games, and lots of fun. It is one of my fondest memories evah!

4. From our house here on the North end of Lake Washington we can see at least 4 other towns fireworks displays. In fact the first year we sat on the roof and watched them…it was lots of fun. This year should even be better as the neighbor across the street cut down a huge tree. yeah, clapping of hands!!!

5. One of my oddest recollections of a 4th of July is one I spent in Frankfurt Germany having Chinese Food. I was in a college choir at the time and we had a concert at the Air force base the next night. sorta non eventful.

6. I love fireworks. I think they are a really cool invention and at the same time I think they are an incredible waste of money. Don’t get me wrong, if I had buckets of money, I’d blow some on fireworks for special occasions. It’s sorta like when we were at Orlando watching the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and the voice of Jiminy Cricket was telling us that if we wish hard enough anything can come true. It was all nice and pretty, yet I leaned into Sweet Husbands chest and murmured softly to him, “what a crock of shit”.

7. When I was a little girl I remember Dad taking us girls into town to the Black Cat Firework stand and dropping about 10 bucks to get the middle of the range firework package. There were sparklers, some smoke bombs, the black worms, some pin wheels, the cones and if we were good he’d get some rockets. It truly is a wonder nothing in the neighborhood caught on fire. All the neighbors did the same thing. It was like swapping scud missles in the middle of Idaho. Good times!

8. Today is the 4th. So with that I offer you the guidance of safety! Don’t play with matches, don’t drink and drive, don’t boat and drink, stay home and drink. Don’t play with drinks. Play play play, for tomorrow we work.

9 thoughts on “It’s 4th of July Everywhere!

  1. Do you remember sitting every year by the phone company building, right by the big copper penny to watch the parade?

  2. You know, I did own a pair of patriotic pants when I was something like ten. A gift from my aunt. How thoughtful of her. Thank goodness that I had no fashion sense at all!

    Regarding your comment on Miss F, I wouldn’t resist either. She just begs to be dunked, dontcha think?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I beg to be dunked? I don’t think I understand.

    Anyway, Carla, I remember going to see the fireworks every year at Ft. Leavenworth. The best part was getting to watch the top brass come riding in on horses. The Big Cheese always rode a white horse. He wore all white and was on a white horse. He was magnificent.

    This year, I was home all day. I didn’t even peek out the window to see who was shooting the fireworks around me ALL NIGHT LONG. I just wasn’t in the mood for celebrating anything.

    I think there must be something wrong with my ptmwa.

  4. Flum, you have to click on Rowena’s name and it will take you to a pic of a 3 breasted cookie woman….just waiting to be dunked.

  5. Celebrated this 4th if July in Rawlings,Wyoming in a room next to an ice machine that was just a bit noisier than the actual City sponsored fireworks going off at the fairgrounds right next door.

  6. That 8 random fact meme must be going around ’cause that was my last post too. I like that you put a bit of a twist on it. 4 towns’ fireworks at once? That must be quite a sight. Cool.

  7. I have to agree about the flag as clothing thing. Isn’t it against the meaning of the flag to wear it? I mean supposedly if a flag touches the ground you should burn it. What do you do if a flag has been on your ass all day?

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