Yup, it’s hot here too!

My compliments to John Leech a British cartoonist from the 19th century.

We’re having one of those weeks so I think it’s only fair to replay a blog from last hot weather. This whole scene was repeated with the same dialogue.
Stay cool and adjust folks.

6 thoughts on “Yup, it’s hot here too!

  1. Well, no wonder those people in the cartoon are hot. They’re both wearing like a gazillion layers of clothes. Duh.

  2. Yep, linens, cottons, silks and wool!

    I like my roast butterfly with a side of foamed air potatoes.

    Weather has been a bit kinder here in Coquille, 75 or so and sunny, rained a bit last night, revived the lawn, dammit.

  3. Best thirst quencher, 16oz glass, half full of ice, pour in PBR to half top it off with 7-UP. Millions of drunk Brits can’t be all wrong.

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