The other day Sweet Husband and I were travelling about the city looking for tile stores, because as you know, we love a project. Once we secured a store, we found some pretty tile, brought home some samples and immediately rejected them for a mirade of reasons. Too buttery, too dark, too splotchy, not dark enough, not light enough, not the right size, too expensive, looks cheap, I’m sure you get the picture. Well we forced the issue this evening and went to the tile store found a new tile,ordered the tile, thin set, grout, and accent pieces and we hopefully can start tiling this weekend. Friends the end is near…no not the war unfortunatly, our kitchen remodel. Which by the way has been painless. I know…who knew this sort of thing could happen without ending up in divorce court, um well I did!

This picture is of a place in North Seattle somewhere between our house and the tile store. I’m not sure how they do what they advertise….anyone have any ideas? Sure I understand the concept of ‘drop off laundry’, but…

9 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. Maybe it is a service they provide while you wait for your laundry? A bit confusing…

    Tiling, fun! Wait until the grout ends up between your toes somehow. I love that part.

  2. I just gotta give you both credit for doing your own tilework. Me? Down on my hands and knees?! Heh heh…

    Upon first glance that sign could be mistaken as a designated a discard bin for bad hair day. Hardee-har-har…I know, cheeky humor on what most people believe to be their greatest “assets”. 😉

  3. What’s your secret to avoiding Divorce Court? We tried to paint a wee bathroom together and it was not a good thing.

  4. Maybe the sign’s intended targets are the wives. In other words, you drop off your husband for a haircut so you can shop in peace.

  5. I just read your comment on the carrots…now Carla, I was expecting something more wisecracking than that! (You totally rocked with the one on the Frascati chick).

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