The End is near~

The End of our Project is nearing an end. We have a few sorta-big projects to finish this weekend and VIOLA’, we can rest the remainder of the summer. OR, we could actually pay attention to our garden and take notice of what’s happening there. I did spy some little green orbs hovering near the tomato plants so that’s exciting. We have pumpkins for the first time and the rhubarb is mammoth. I’ve been known to carry a rhubarb leaf as an umbrella from the sun. It’s all fine and good until the leaf wilts, which is remarkably quick.

Because we also re-did the laundry room we consolidated the in ground sprinkler scheduler. The previous owner had used 2, which took up room and they were so vastly different from each other that one had to be on manual function and the automatic one made up it’s own hours regardless of how many times Sweet Husband reprogrammed the thing. The new one has 12 or 100 zones, I forget which, has a battery backup, rain mode, makes coffee and plays Handels Water Music while in operation. Suffice it to say, this groovy new gadget is much easier to use. PLUS, it takes up less room, less outlets, and it’s placed on the far wall out of the way of other very important things like the microwave.

In conclusion this is what we are dealing with this weekend. We have a sick kitty and it makes my heart hurt. This tiny little grandma (she’s 16yrs old) of a kitten weighs 4lbs 12ozs. She has a tooth problem, is dehydrated, matted, not eating very well as she most likely can’t chew. Yesterday when I could finally get her into the vet, they took blood, gave her a penicillin injection and some fluids. I await further results.

We are tiling, painting, putting in undermount lights and doing general clean up. Yes our house is still torn up, but it will be clean and ready for our upcoming Summer extravaganza on August 4th, if anyone is in the area. Did I mention that I must be mental? Parties, remodels, travelling, more remodel, lots more travel, remodel some more and some more of the same. But on the fun side we are attending Lyle Lovett and KD Lang concert at the winery Saturday night, that will be awesome, if it doesn’t rain. This summer is flying by, I wonder why?

5 thoughts on “The End is near~

  1. Sweet corner windows! And you have a in-ground sprinkler too? Now I’m jealous.

    Sorry your kitty is sick. Hope she’s feeling better soon 😦

  2. I hope your kitty gets better soon!

    Good luck finishing up all your projects. I am sure you will feel ultimately satisfied when you are all done. Oh, and any time you are in Vegas, drop me a line. I would love to get together with you! And your Disney World post cracked me up because I could SO see me and my husband doing the SAME THING!

  3. This summer could fly a little faster for my money… but then, I’m not in Seattle…

    Wow… nice pitty party… I should take this show on the rode…

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