Great thoughts make for great moments! No really!

When it snows in Seattle with an accumulation of something more than 6 flakes, the schools are shut down and the kids have to have make up all the days they missed from school at the end of the school year. Although it may seem like it to them those extra days may take them into early September, just in time for school to start. As Adults we don’t get snow days…we have sick time if were lucky, the occasional vacation and if we are really lucky either floating holidays or personal days.

So here’s what I’m proposing: that as Adults we get rain days when rain falls in the middle of summer. And not only do we get those days added to the end of summer but we get to relive under good weather the event that was rained upon previously.
So all the outside weddings that were rained out yesterday and all the early morning outside brunches that are now taking place indoors today, would be moved to September 22nd or so and they would be presented with a fair weather do-over at no additional cost to anyone involved. It would be natures way of saying “my bad”.

When I was a little girl I thought that God took votes from the people on little ol earth and what ever weather phenomenon had the most votes that was the weather of the day. Well yesterday was proof that there is no God, it rained like a sonofabitch and I KNOW that everyone wanted nice weather.

Oh, silly me, I forgot to mention outdoor concerts, like KD Lang and Lyle Lovett at the Winery last night. Hm, how could I have forgotten. Perhaps it’s because I’m still trying to dry out and leave that sad little memory behind. Sure the weather started out all right yesterday. It was humid here, as humid as we ever get. But it was warm enough outside that when I was doing a bit of gardening I got really hot and sweaty. (that’s a nice visual isn’t it). BUT, it wasn’t raining, until 3 minutes before our friends came to pick us up. When we arrived at the very pretty venue it started to rain in a very serious way. Please note the person in the foreground with the KFC bag on her head. They also had a full size tarp, but this was only used on breaks, the really long breaks between sets and singers.

We packed enough food to feed the masses, but we had to buy wine on premise, their rules not ours. Not a big deal…we had all the goods. Wine glasses, corkscrew…we were set. We had umbrellas, but so did everyone else. Lot’s of people had folding chairs, we did not. I am short and all I could see was the umbrellas in front of us. I politely asked people to take theirs down as we couldn’t see beyond them. Keep in mind people behind us had asked the same of us. These requests kept going until the two black umbrellas several rows in front of us, and that’s what I saw for a long time, until I got up to stand on the sideline and actually see the band. Now granted I don’t really need to see the stage. Those folks are minuscule from where I’m sitting anyway. But I want to see Lyle play his actual guitar and the background singers too. Well by getting up to stand on the sidelines, I made my Sweet Husband upset. I’m not sure if he thought I was leaving, but he did not hear me say I couldn’t see.

By this time everything was SOAKED and crankiness was starting to set in as the rain became more steady. We had had enough and packed up to leave. We were making our way to the car and the shit heads that were supposed to be guiding us to our cars kept barking at us to walk on the grass, which was topped off by about 3 inches of water. The ‘security’ guys were talking into their toys and telling each other to start hitting people with their flashlights if they couldn’t stay on the grass. That would have been a bloody mess, because the crank factor was WAY high and I suppose they thought they were being funny, but no one laughed. We slogged along to the car and threw our wet stuff in the back of the car and came home.

I wanted to have fun all night long. We all agreed that we could do with a little rain, after all it’s Seattle, and we’re big kids. But we didn’t handle it well at all, we let the fucking rain win and we got cranky.

This is the latest Seattle Radar, it’s suppose to rain all day. I have painting to do anyway, but I’d rather curl up with a fat book. I’ll let you know about the September show in the good weather.

9 thoughts on “Great thoughts make for great moments! No really!

  1. Being wet with Lyle Lovett kind a boggles the mind, let alone KD Lang. Did they sing a duet, was the music worth it?

  2. Come rain or snow, at least I’m getting an almost “live” feed on what’s going on climate-wise in Seattle. I’ve tried to persuade lil sis to update her site but….eh, we all have our priorities no?

    Send some rain over to my place…the weather dude is a ditz. We’re parched here!

  3. As a musician, I especially hate rain during concerts. It’s the one thing we have no control over.

    Yuck, suck, muck. I feel your pain from the drain of the rain. Ok, I’ll stop now.

  4. You just made me realize that I missed Lyle and K.D. when they were here…two weeks ago.

    How the heck did I let that happen?

  5. Ugh, that really sucks. I am with you, a little rain is okay, but tourential (sp?) downpours are horrible. Then you are soaked, hey not a prayer of being even a little dry and you are uncomfortable for the entire event because you are wet. Happened to me at a Dave Matthews concert once. Walking back to the car in the mud was the capper to the evening. I am so sorry your night was ruined.

    I loved your story about thinking God took a weather poll when you were a girl.

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