Survery Says!

As we all know, people like to ask questions just so they can answer the question themselves. I am guilty of this. I also talk over people and I am not a very good listener. Hmm, did you say something I was typing too loud. I am not however a busy body, I don’t really care what the neighbors are doing, with whom and how often. I do care if they let rats nest in their back yard and then said rats use the new fence as their own personal super highway. Well, we are taking care of that, some new “stop” signs have been installed. I also change subjects with out giving you a heads up, unless you count this one.

To the right of this post >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> in the side you will see a POLL. This is a new feature of blogger and I’ve decided to try it out. Please feel free to partake of this new and evolving line of questions. I will start with easy ones, and then I might eventually go with some heavy hitters like chocolate vs vanilla, Godzilla or spider man, cats or kittens. You know the big stuff that shapes our nations future.

And yes, I am avoiding the subject of the kitchen remodel because we aren’t quite ready for the BIG REVEAL yet. There are just a few of the teeniest details to finish. Oh and HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

7 thoughts on “Survery Says!

  1. That’s ok about being a lousy listener, I’m pretty much deaf myself. (sorry, but you know I just had to say that!)

    Now on with the survey, which I do btw, participate in.

  2. During my first marriage I once saw a bumper sticker on the back of a Volkswagon Bus. It said,
    “I start out slow and gradually, little by little,I die out completely” And I thought what an appropriate description of my marriage. Ain’t life amusin’ ?

  3. I have to luagh because your ramblings sound EXACTLY like me and my bizarre train wreck of a mind. Excpet I do like to know what everyone else is doing, I love gossip I am sorry to say.

    I’m going to try the poll now. Maybe I will put one on my blog.

  4. Maui Wowie! and I don’t mean it in that sense!

    Carla, it’s been so long since I’ve been there that I wouldn’t really know what to tell you other than what an anonymous source had to tell me.

    Kahului is for good local eats in an equally local atmosphere.

    Kaanapali and Lahaina are big tourist areas where all the “action” is if you know what I mean. Moreso in Lahaina according to my then hot-to-trot cous…oops!

    Kihei is nice and central with great beaches from what I remember.

    A sunrise view from Haleakala is a MUST from what I’ve seen and heard. I’ve never gone and if you do take the tour, please post on it! I would so love to see pics. Damn, I’m so jealous right now….

  5. Me and 3 other people think the dyslexic bumper sticker is the best one. Was your title an intentional pun to that joke or are you a bit dyslexic yourself?

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