Well folks we did it. What started on a sunny day in May, was completed on an overcast day in late July. Our kitchen is DONE!!!!! Below I’ve posted those ever popular BEFORE and AFTER photos. I’m going to go on record as saying this was not a painful process at all. Not once did I feel inconvenienced, put out, or feel like this was dragging on forever. Yes, we made a make shift kitchen set up, but honestly we do most our cooking outside in the summer anyway. Ok, there was the one day when neither one of us felt like painting or cleaning, but we tackled it and and it’s DONE!!! Here’s the key. Our little secret. Now don’t tell anybody, k? This went fast because we (we as in Sweet husband 90%, me 5%) did 95% of the work ourselves. BTW, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

The true reason we wanted a remodel in the first place, more space. Oh, and we actually wanted to see what was in the kitchen opposed to having to maneuver around a big refrigerator.

This shot is taken from the hallway going into the kitchen. What the hell is that big black thing, with crap hanging all over it…the fridge. You’d think I would have junk up these pictures before I took them, but no. Ok, just a little, I think the laundry room was tore up so that stuff had to land somewhere.

See that big green space directly in front of Sweet Husband? That’s where the refrigerator once sat. As you will see in a couple of pictures, the ice box is now recessed into the wall and we have long luxurious counters. Hell you can even see down the hallway now. It’s a beautiful thing.

…a little tile detail. We went with a simple pattern, because the granite counters are so wowee.

I LOVE our new kitchen!!! It’s newness will wear off and I won’t be so cautious when opening doors and I suppose I’ll cease being afraid to leave smudge marks if I don’t use the door pull. We think it came together quite well. The most amazing thing is how huge it feels. Even with all the dark color choices and the paint color, which looks amazingly like the outside of the house, this kitchen is now quite large. I supposed this too will wear off, but I hope not. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “The BIG REVEAL!!!

  1. Congrats on the new kitchen!

    I know that you must be in 7th heaven now because wife.imp has been griping about our kitchen for years! LOL

  2. Gorgeous! Love the counter tops, love the floor tile,love the back splash, yummy! Allez cuizine!!
    Or however it is spelled.

  3. I LOVE your new kitchen! Despite what you said about the colors, I think it looks simply…fantastic. And ready to be de-virginized. Heh heh…italian joke, but I know what you mean by smudge marks. I still wipe down the surfaces whenever I see Maddie’s nose/paw prints.

  4. Regarding your comment on the “first meal”….A wonderful focaccia you say? Hmmm..brand new kitchen, great food memory, maybe an upcoming post on your husband making focaccia bread? 😉

  5. Everything looks gorgoeus! I love the colors and the countertops and the granite, wow! You guys did an amazing job! And what a cool idea to put the fridge in the wall so it doesn’t take over the room. Excellent job.

    Want to come over and do my house?

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