Surprise…no thank you!

I’ve been reading this great book the last few weeks. It’s a big fat and thick book with lots of yummy pages all wrapped around a really great story. Usually I can plow through a book in a few days and be on to my next one, but because the weather is so nice, I don’t spend a lot of time reading. Plus we’ve been doing a few other things, like remodeling the kitchen.

We’ve also had house guests this past week and I find it rude to park my nose in a book while I have guests, so the book has set idle. I hadn’t mentioned but we had a summer party this past weekend as well. The weather was Gorgeous (that’s a hard G, like Gillian)and dispositions sunny. I don’t have any relatives that live less than 3-8 hours away, so we invited the closest ones and danged if they didn’t show up. When we originally talked about having a summer party it was at our Holiday party from 2006. A bunch of people were talking to my brother who at the time was playing in a band in Portland, a mere 3 hours away by car. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if they came up and played in the backyard sometime in late summer? cool… short story, band dissolved, friends who came up with this idea were all unavailable this past weekend, but we still had music. He is a great soloist too and quite entertaining. It was a smallish, yet entertaining crowd and no one left hungry. Actually it was more of a gathering than a crowd, but nonetheless, we heard good music, probably drank too much, and laughed a lot. The good part is it didn’t rain.

Anyhoo, back to the book… It’s called “An Instance of a Fingerpost” by Ian Pears. It’s a historical novel with many twists and turns and really really good. I am nearing the end and have less than 10 pages to go until I finish. So last night I I crawl into the guest room bed (my sweet husband occasionally snores) with the book and all it can seem to do is gravitate toward my nose,zzzzzzz, so I put in the book mark and set the book on the bed stand so I don’t get hurt from the hard backed monster and start to snooze.

Ah, sweet sleep. After what seems like a very short night I awake to the sound of rain. My first thought is disappointment, second thought is the garden will love the rain and thirdly that sound is coming from INSIDE this room. I jump out of bed, turn on the light and sure enough there is water coming from the ceiling. Well of course I am fully awake at 4am and I rush off to the kitchen to find a container to catch the water. We had sorta knew there was a leak, well mostly because there are signs of water damage on the ceiling. We have a keen sense of the obvious. So I suppose I won’t be able to read again for a while as we google for roofing companies, loan officers and real estate agents. Some days I just want to sell this shithole. We call it that so we don’t get to attached. Happy whatever day this is…Wednesday?

8 thoughts on “Surprise…no thank you!

  1. So do you think you need a new roof? I was going to ask about the stain in the guest room but got hungry and ate instead.

  2. Pretty soon it will be soooo nice you won’t think shit hole you will think “ka-CHING!”.

    Number one investment in house remodel…roof!!

  3. I’m such a sound sleeper it could rain on my head and I wouldn’t notice. What a crappy thing to have to deal with at 4 in the a.m.

  4. That party sounds like a blast!

    Sorry about the roof. My parents are having to replace theirs this year and MAN they are EXPENSIVE! Hope all goes well with your fix. Talk about a rude awakening.

    So what is this book about? It sounds intriguing.

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