Starry starry night

I’ve been reading lately that meteors showers would be very active in our area. Last night before we forgot and went to bed, we went outside, laid down on the lounge chairs and waited. and waited. and waited. and waited. Ok, nothing is happening. NO, there weren’t ANY clouds last night, it was actually a beautiful clear night. We lounged there laughing and talking and waiting for the show to start. Now this is not something that starts at any given time, like at 10:15 the big show starts, nope that is not how it works. YAWN…Well it was a ‘school’ night so we called it in and went into go to bed.

I got curious as to where the space shuttle was, I used the Google and low and behold right before my very eyes was a way groovy map of where the shuttle was in real time. And at that point it was right off the coast of Washington. I clicked on the spotting times for Seattle, noted that if I went out side RIGHT now I would see it making it’s way across my house. I noted that on August 14th at 10:25pm it would be visible for 2 minutes. I looked at the clock on the computer, it stated 10:25pm, checked the date, went outside and well danged if they weren’t right, there it was tracking west to east and VERY visible. I hurried inside to get Sweet Husband, who was already engrossed in his night time reading. So of course he comes outside in is underoos and he sees it too. He calls to Sweet Daughter, she comes out and we are all in awe as we watch the space shuttle, which is docked with the International Space Station right now, pass over our heads…for the remainder of it’s 2 minutes of visibility. I’m curious does anyone know why we only see it for such a short time? I never claimed to be an astronomer, just a curious star gazer.
We never did see any meteors, please note the irony.

5 thoughts on “Starry starry night

  1. Cool, If I drag myself to the deck at 9:13 pm this evening, I might spot the space shuttle 21 degrees above horizon NNW, and thence eastward. Web site also tells you how to watch for when they dump garbage. Gee.

  2. Wow! There are even sighting opportunities here. Who knew?

    Of course, we’re probably the prime garbage dumping location.

  3. One of the times that we were up visitng and the Shuttle was out in space. You decided to track it and see when it would go over. I remember standing out on the front stoop, gaping like a fool. It was a wonderous thing.
    FYI – spoke to the boy a little while ago. He sounded wonderful and said to say “Hey”

  4. I love metor showers! I used to bundle up and watch them in my suburban backyard since they always seeemd to happen in the fall months when it was chilly. I miss being able to see those.

    That would have been cool to have seen the shuttle. I remember being in awe watching Hale Bob fly by. Stuff like that makes me feel the wonderment of being a kid again.

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