Death by Popcorn

(picture jacked and credited from the Dave Barry website)

I loves me some popcorn. Often those tasty morsels of corny goodness have been my dinner. However I do not partake of the microwave kind. I like to make mine the old fashion way, in a pan in hot oil on the stove. I pretty much have this process down to a science to the point where I have very few ‘old maids’ and lots and lots and usually way to much popped corn. I also top this corn with real melted butter and a bit of kosher salt. It’s down right yummy, in fact it’s been called the ‘best in the land’ by sweet step daughter. My drink of choice with popcorn has changed over the years, but for the past several years it has been orange juice. As the popcorn is heating up and popping I prepare a can of concentrated orange juice, no pulp thankyouverymuch. I prepare this orange beverage as a not-too-warm-not-cold-at-all tasty treat. Like anything really flavorful this orange juice is at room temp, in order to bring out the strong orange flavor ya see.

I have an extra large ginormous tupperware bowl as my designated popcorn bowl, which has never failed to hold all the popcorn that I make, even though I ALWAYS over produce. Kitchen towels are a necessity when eating this popcorn because of the butter and you really can’t do anything else but watch TV or stuff your face. Your hands would be just a bit greasy. …so there you have it, my popcorn prefrences, which was brought about by this article. When in a pinch I will partake, but I don’t think so much anymore.

6 thoughts on “Death by Popcorn

  1. I love Popcorn, in particular the microwave kettle corn variety. I have to be careful about husks getting irretrievably into the gum line so like an old toothless cat I suck my popcorn. Way more information than you needed.

    Having said that, I have very fond memories of Grandma Horn heating her iron skillet on top of the stove and putting in oil, corn kernels and covering with a lid and patiently shaking the skillet over the heating element until the corn popped. Very evocative sound in my mind.

  2. I love popcorn too! There is just something about the smell that drives me wild. Someone makes some at work and I am like a bloodhound following the scent trail. But I like the old fashioned way of making it too…if I wasn’t so lazy. But I remember being a kid and making it in a pan with my grandma and in the air popper with my mother. Good times.

  3. I love popcorn but it gets stuck in my teeth. I buy the 94% tasteless kind that weight watcher’s recommends. I also buy those floss picks by the bushel.

  4. Your popcorn preparation reminds me of my father-in-law. His is an almost nightly ritual. The only difference is that he doesn’t have a popcorn drink. The old maids are my favorite, I’m going to shatter a tooth someday.

  5. I’m a sucker for the crap they make in the popcorn machines in bars where you scoop out your own into those little square cardboard boats. I can eat like 20 of those things.

    Until the next beer of course, and then…

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